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"Irresistible him" is over! Han Suxi and Song Jiang's sweet flash of "wearing lovers' clothes"

2021-08-26 11:38:16 Oriental Information automobile

Han Suxi ( Han Shaoxi ) Korean drama starring Song Jiang 《 Irresistible he 》 A happy ending , The hero and heroine have lovers and get married, which makes the fans applaud , Even the last few sweet scenes silently let the two appear as lovers , Fans call directly 「 The screenwriter is so good 」.

《 Irresistible he 》 Finally , The ambiguous relationship between the male and female protagonists , It made many fans nervous about whether it would be 「BE(Bad Ending, The tragedy ends )」, Even shouted to the screenwriter, please don't break up 《 Irresistible 》CP, Fortunately, in the end, Liu Nabi ( Han Suxi ) And park Zaiyan ( Song Jiang decoration ) Accept each other , Although the man didn't call each other 「 Girl friend 」, Liu Nabi saw her childhood playmate Liang Duhe ( Cai Zhongxie ) Still thoughtful , But in the end, it was the happy ending of Liu Nabi holding hands with Park Zaiyan . Fans leave messages :「 Thank you, screenwriter 」、「 Originally, the fifth episode was going to abandon the play, just afraid of BE」、「 Finally I saw the scum man mend his ways 」.

And fans found , In addition to the screenwriter creating a pleasant 「HE(Happy Ending, The comedy ends )」,《 Irresistible he 》 The shape of is also hidden in the costumes of the protagonists and heroines CP details . Several different scenes in the last episode , It can be seen that both Liu Nabi and park Zaiyan wear white shirts , For example, the time of mutual confession , Liu Nabi is wearing a white shirt dress , And park Zaiyan's white shirt 、 Jeans echo ; Finally, the bridge section where lovers take a walk , Both wear light colored shirts and jeans , Hand in hand is super sweet .

Actually 《 Irresistible he 》 Will come to the end of comedy , You can see the clue from the shape , Some fans found out , The stylist of the crew has repeatedly asked the male and female protagonists to wear corresponding clothes , For example, tannin shirts , Surprise fans 「 I've already buried the foreshadowing 」.

《 Irresistible he 》 In the last episode, the male and female protagonists confessed to each other , Put on white shirts .

Finally, they walked hand in hand , Also wear light colored shirts .

《 Irresistible he 》 In fact, the protagonists and heroines are often asked to wear clothes that echo each other .

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