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BYD was finally scolded and Tang Er Dai came to the store

2021-08-26 12:10:47 Oriental Information automobile

BYD's car is against “ New energy leaders ” The name of , In recent years, it has also made good sales achievements in the new energy vehicle market . However, with the further improvement of domestic consumers' requirements for car purchase , The appearance of BYD's previous models has been criticized by many people . In the automobile sales market, the competition is so fierce now , BYD naturally will not ignore this problem ; We immediately spent a lot of money to recruit Audi designers to design the model for the flag car . Since BYD song MAX After listing, it has been widely praised in appearance , This move is undoubtedly correct . And with BYD song MAX BYD Tang II, which appeared at the same time , With its handsome appearance, it has also attracted the wide attention of a group of riders . Now , Some netizens revealed that a batch of Tang second generation road test vehicles had officially arrived 4S Shop photos , Immediately aroused a heated discussion .

It can be seen from the net exposure diagram , The overall appearance of Tang Er Dai is really amazing . Long, narrow and sharp air intake grille and “ rush ” The designed headlights are connected , Trapezoidal multi amplitude appearance of lower dam inlet , Add two symmetrical aerodynamic holes , The whole front face is enough to express the sense of movement of the fashion domineering of the second generation of the Tang Dynasty . Because it is a road test vehicle , The word mark at the end hasn't been pasted yet . But it can be seen from the almost no disguise photos , The popular floating roof 、 Through tail lamp design and large-size multi frame wheel hub , All show the breakthrough and beautiful modeling characteristics of the second generation of Tang Dynasty .

And in the interior part , Two large displays are enough to attract attention . The full touch suspended multimedia display on the center console stands in it , There are no physical buttons below, but two horizontal air conditioning outlets . Electronic gear lever full of metal texture , The physical keys are obviously separated . Three flat mouth multifunctional steering wheel , With large LCD instrument display . The overall image is full of science and technology , Create a strong athletic style .

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