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Now it's as low as 220000, which is more handsome than the 5 series. It's a classic of a generation

2021-08-26 12:10:49 Oriental Information automobile

exactly , From the performance of the market ,SUV It is still very excellent and has been favored by many consumers , Toyota Crown can be said to be a far superior accord , Passat's good car , Remember when 10 Many years ago , Its selling price is as high as 60 More than ten thousand , Than the audi A6L, BMW 5 The positioning of the system is even higher , But now it seems , But with accord , Passat is basically on the same line , But unfortunately , It is still difficult to return to the glory of that year , Even ignored by consumers , Maybe as netizens say , Only those who know the crown will buy it ! Sell that year 60 ten thousand , Now it's as low as 22 ten thousand , Than 5 The Department is also handsome , The classic of a generation !

In appearance , The main body color of the new car is navy blue , The secondary color is golden , And in some places , For example, the engine hood and front bar are painted with golden yellow , It looks quite bright . other aspects , The front face adopts an exaggerated design style , The trapezoidal air intake grille is integrated with the lines on the engine cover .

The interior of the crown has also been innovated , For example, the central console further reduces the use of physical keys , It adopts the combination of upper and lower large screens , Usually the top screen shows the navigation map , The following is the diagram of driving information and other functions .

motivation ,2020 The crown will be equipped with two different power systems , Namely 2.0T and 2.5L Hybrid system , among 2.0T The version is consistent with the domestic cash data , It's also a match 8AT transmission , Maximum horsepower is 235 horse ;2.5L The maximum horsepower of the hybrid version 226 horse , The transmission is matched CVT Stepless gearbox . It is reported that the overseas version also has 3.5L V6 Version system , And equipped with four-wheel drive system , But it is estimated that it will not be introduced into China .

source : China Star circle

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