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Xiong Leimei smiled and opened his eyes. Three live broadcasts received 750000 sound waves. Netizens: rubbed the traffic of Xu Min and Yao CE

2021-08-26 12:29:22 Oriental Information automobile

Since the wrong change of life 28 After the incident in was widely concerned by netizens , Xu Min and Yao CE, as the parties to the incident, have also become popular figures , And some of their relatives have entered the public's view , Like Yao CE's wife , In the wrong exchange event, he defected with his former mother-in-law Xu Min because of a real estate dispute , For a time, the dispute about Xiong Lei has also become the eight topics of many netizens who are concerned about this incident .

Xiong Lei may not even think of herself , Because the wrong exchange event brought her traffic , It is also a considerable wealth , In the age of flow as king , As long as there's traffic , It means there are benefits .

In recent days, , Xiong Lei inadvertently conducted three live broadcasts on her personal platform , Once a day , Even these webcasts have brought her a lot of income .

According to statistics , Xiong Lei's three-day live broadcast was successful and profitable 75 Wanyinlang , According to platform 1:10 Cashing ratio , this 75 Wanyinlang can be replaced by 7.5 RMB 10,000 yuan , The anchor's profit ratio is 30%-60% Between , Xiong Lei may make a profit 2 000 yuan to 4 Ten thousand yuan or so , That is to say , Xiong Lei made tens of thousands of yuan in only three days , This kind of income , Many wage earners may work hard for a year, but they may not have .

Some people say , Money is a panacea , This sentence is fully reflected in Xiong Lei this time , We all know , Since Xiong Lei's husband Yao CE died , You rarely see a smile on her face , Especially after going to court with Xu Min because of the ownership of the real estate , Xiong Lei is even more depressed , A sad face , Before, people around her revealed that she was suffering from anxiety disorder . But we can see from this live broadcast , Xiong Lei basically smiles and opens his eyes , There is no trace of sadness , I can see that she is in a very good mood , You may see that you can earn so much sound wave , There may also be a happy event .

If Xiong Lei had not plunged himself into the vortex of the wrong exchange event , Early in the morning, I earn income by live broadcasting , Then she would have achieved financial freedom , Unfortunately, she didn't do it , But standing on the opposite side of Xu Min , He also took Xu Min to court for Yao CE's real estate , This has wasted a lot of time , And time is also money , Xiong Lei in order to give himself a sigh of relief , Thus wasting a lot of opportunities to make money .

Some netizens think that , Xiong Lei can profit from three live broadcasts 75 Wanyinlang , It all depends on the attention and popularity of Xu Min and Yao ce , If you don't rub the traffic of Xu Min and Yao ce , Xiong Lei is also an ordinary netizen on the network platform .

Will Xiong Lei make money by live broadcasting in the future ? At present, she has not responded , But in her heart, she should understand , What is worth doing , What is not worth doing .

Some netizens also said , Now that I've made a lot of money by live broadcasting , Is Xu Min's house going to be returned to its original owner ?

What do you think about that ?

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