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Don't divorce. They are doing harm to the people together

2021-08-26 12:32:50 Oriental Information automobile

Pay attention to the entertainment industry aunt

Away, away , This pair is real. The real hammer is separated !

Yesterday afternoon , Some netizens broke out Li's circle of friends , Released a and black tail sauce ( Chen Dian ) Divorce declaration :

“ Friends always ask and say , I've been separated from the canon for some time , Thank you for your concern ”.

Later, Sina officials also called Li Dan , It is verified that their marital status has indeed moved towards be The finale .

Although the news was sudden at first , But in the eyes of my aunt who is keen on eating melons , It's no surprise .

After all, the couple had been divorced at the beginning of this year ...

March this year , Netizens picked out the company the couple opened and suddenly cancelled .

Although the reason given is that the resolution is dissolved .

But! , Past melon eating experience tells us , Often the first sign of a broken relationship between husband and wife is to start liquidating their joint property .

Black tail sauce, all microblogs are empty , Set to visible only for half a year .

All the clothes in my Taobao shop have been taken off the shelves .

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