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[Lao Zhang said the car] issue 27: Versailles c5x, can I buy it?

2021-08-26 12:47:13 Oriental Information automobile

lately , Another car with an interesting name came out , Versailles C5X. This Versailles C5X It was the Citroen designed against human beings C5 Replacement models . This time it has a new name , There's one behind the ass X, Finally, it has changed its face and entered the mainstream design thinking , Or we should continue the anti-human design once again ?

So it seems , Versailles C5X With the help of network hot words , In exchange for higher network traffic ?NO,NO, In fact, Citroen has long been 2001 In “ Versailles ” The name is registered as a trademark , Who knows if you're not careful ,20 Years later, “ Versailles ” This time, the word has become a popular term on the Internet , I don't know whether Citroen is happy or sad .

Versailles C5X And DS4、 Peugeot 308 Teachers come from the same school , Selling price from 14.37 Ten thousand yuan --18.67 Ten thousand yuan , length 4 rice 8, The wheelbase 2 rice 8 Less than ,1.6T engine ,175 Horsepower output . therefore , It is a compact model positioned at home .

Versailles C5X If it comes to design , It's definitely a kind of excellent skill , The body of the hatchback , The elongated trunk , It is directly counted as a kind of cross-border , It should be a slip back style , There is a big tail behind , Absolutely eye-catching . If we talk about design and culture , The French are full of confidence , But it's not like that when it's really used , It's hard to say .

To tell you the truth, there are a lot of configurations , It really means a little conscience product . The minimum configuration has made people feel very high . Active opening and closing air inlet grille ,PHC Adaptive hydraulic stabilization technology 、 Intelligent keyless entry and start function 、 driver / copilot 6 Electrically adjustable leather seats 、 Exterior rearview mirror power folding belt heating 、 Reversing image ,19 Inch wheels , For most competitors in the market , Such a configuration is definitely not low .

The potential of adding another configuration is extraordinary ,10 Inch central control touch screen changes to 12 Inch , Intelligent networking system is added , It's also equipped with GPS Online navigation 、LPA Lane positioning assist system 、ACC Full speed adaptive cruise 、 driver \ The front passenger's four lumbar electric adjustments 、CarPlay function . This configuration has met most of the daily requirements , But it's not what I recommend most .

The more extraordinary is the most cost-effective model I think ,3D Color head up display , The electric tailgate with a kick , Ultrasonic front radar ,LCA Lane change assistance 、RCTA Rear traffic crossing tips 、 driver / Front passenger electric heating function 、 Atmosphere lamp 、 Wireless charging of mobile phone 、 Intelligent cleaning cockpit . This is the one I think should be the most cost-effective .

Of course , If you think 18.67 Ten thousand yuan is also within the bearing range , Then you can choose the highest match without hesitation . In addition to all the above configurations , Also added HiFi Surround sound system , Active hood , driver 8 Electric regulation function 、 driver / Passenger seat massage 、 Front seat ventilation 、 Driver's seat memory and welcome function 、 Automatic anti dazzle rearview mirror . Tell the truth , In addition to the practical ventilation of the front seats , I personally don't think the rest means much .

8 month 10 Open pre-sale day , expect 9 month 6 Official sales on the th , In a family class car , Want to kill a blood path , For Citroen , It's not an easy thing . Although in terms of configuration, Versailles C5X It's already a pretty good product , but 1.6T Turbocharged engine with an Aisin 8 Speed transmission , Power performance will not be much better , If nothing happens ,125 The power output of kW is this 1.6T Final engine performance , So you want to win the trust of users , This brand from France , What strange means can you use , You can't know until it's officially listed .

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