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Does the car damage insurance cover glass insurance in 2021? How much is the car glass repair?

2021-08-26 12:50:56 Oriental Information automobile

As more people buy cars , Of course, buying a car is inseparable from buying auto insurance , Car owners can buy according to their own needs , Different insurance coverage is different , that 2021 Does the annual car damage insurance include glass insurance ? How much is car glass repair ? Let's find out !

What does the car damage insurance cover

After purchasing the vehicle , Car store salespeople usually recommend some car insurance , But because there are many categories of auto insurance , And the prices are uneven , So it often makes people dizzy and turn to . Many people buy car damage insurance , So in commercial auto insurance , Car damage insurance is a big risk ,2020 year 9 After the auto insurance reform in January , How about car damage insurance ?

2021 How about annual car damage insurance

It is reported that ,2021 Now, vehicle damage insurance not only includes the coverage of vehicle damage insurance , It also includes glass insurance 、 Spontaneous combustion risk 、 Theft and rescue 、 Water risk 、 No deductible 、 Unable to find the coverage of third-party insurance . therefore 2021 Annual car damage insurance includes glass insurance . An insured accident occurs when the insured or his permitted driver drives the insured vehicle , Causing damage to the insured vehicle , The insurance company shall compensate within a reasonable range .

As for the cost of car glass repair ? It depends on the degree of damage to the vehicle glass , If it can be repaired , Generally, the repair price is at 100 within , If it can't be repaired , It can only be replaced . among , It usually takes more than 100 pieces to repair the windshield , It won't be very expensive . There are also more than 100 pieces of automobile glass crack repair .

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