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The new A7 is the most beautiful Audi with its through tail lights and three large interior screens

2021-08-26 12:50:59 Oriental Information automobile

all the time , audi A7 With its powerful power and smooth body line design , It is deeply loved by a group of car fans in the high-end sedan market . In recent days, , Some media photographed the latest generation A7 Spy photos of , More smooth and beautiful appearance design and new and beautiful interior design , I can't help sighing A7 It does deserve it “ The most beautiful Audi ” The title of !

The new car adopts the latest family design language of Audi , The front face is more flat and sharp . Large hexagonal multiple air inlet grille , Blackened intranet , With sharp flat LED Headlamp unit ; Sharp edges and corners of the front bumper , Make the whole front face look layered , Aggressive .

The car running on the side of the car is smooth, and the waist line extends to the rear of the car , Outline the moving back style of people ; Equipped with large-size multi width wheel hub , The current popular through tail lamp design , Give Way A7 Reveal a sense of mystery in the dark ; Double hole double outlet exhaust system connected with chrome trim strip , It brings a strong visual impact .

New audi A7 The size of the is long 4969mm wide 1908mm high 1422mm, The wheelbase is reached 2926mm, Let it have plenty of space . The interior gets rid of the regular design style of the old form , It is paved with a large number of hard materials made of bright materials . Through air conditioner outlet , Many physical buttons have been abandoned on the center console , Instead, two large LCD screens were replaced , On the whole, it is full of vitality and a sense of science and Technology .

motivation , The new car will carry a 2.0T And 3.0T Turbocharged engine , among 2.0T It will be adjusted by different power ,3.0T Maximum engine power 250kW, Peak torque 500Nm. The transmission system will match 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

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