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Together with at & T GM, 5g network will be equipped for 2024 model

2021-08-26 13:24:23 Car home

  [ Car home   information ]  We learned a few days ago , We learned a few days ago , General motors and at & T (American Telephone and Telegraph, Referred to as AT&T) Achieve cooperation , Will be taken from 2024 The model year began to equip the models of the brand 5G Cellular network . as everyone knows , Compared with today's 4G The Internet ,5G The functionality of the network will be comprehensively improved .

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   With the advent of the era of Intelligent Networking , The car is transforming from a travel tool to an intelligent terminal with more functions . When consumers choose models , The importance of vehicle intelligence seems to be increasing . According to statistics , since 2014 Annual carrying capacity AT&T 4G LTE since , GM's users have used more than 1.71 Billion GB Of traffic , The demand is huge . It is reported that , new 5G The network will be based on more intelligence 、 Operate on a secure platform , meanwhile , existing 4G Users can make the vehicle more intelligent through wireless upgrade 、 Safe use experience .

   It is reported that , In this cooperation , Microsoft will also be involved . future ,5G Cellular network and Microsoft cloud service may lay a good foundation for the performance of the brand's models in automatic driving .( compile / Car home Andy du )

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