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Ability reconstruction interprets the insight report on the core operating power of automobile enterprises

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  [ Car home industry ]  review 2021 In the first half of , China's auto market is changing from “ Product driven ” stride into “ User driven ” A new stage of growth . Compare the past experience of the automotive industry “ Product is king ”、“ Channel is king ” Time , China's automobile industry is gradually entering a new era “ The user is the king ” Time .

   Under the new trend , Driven by user value, auto enterprises urgently need to reshape their product planning and design capabilities 、 Pricing strategy 、 Marketing capability 、 Service coverage 、 Business operation capability 、 Ecological operation ability and user operation ability .

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  2021 year 8 month 19 Japan -20 Japan , Hosted by China Automobile Industry Association 、 Undertaken by car house 2021 China auto new consumption Forum , Auto home is based on industry big data and research information , Combined with the relevant industry analysis of Deloitte China team , Jointly launch 《2021 Insight report on the core competitiveness of auto enterprises in China's auto market 》.

   This report , The purpose is to assist automobile enterprises to evaluate and analyze their competitiveness from a new perspective from the perspective of user value , Leading industry change , Power assisted vehicle enterprises face industry change and management upgrading .

The driving force of market growth has changed

   The report divides the growth of China's passenger car market into 5 Stages , In the past 2017-2020 After the pain of industry transformation in , from 2021 Year begins , The industry may enter the stage of secondary growth , The average annual growth rate may reach 3.2%.

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   The report sets out a goal ――2025 year , The overall sales volume of China's passenger car market is expected to reach 3000 Ten thousand units .

   With the reform of automobile industry and the optimization of consumption structure , The driving force for the growth of the passenger car market is also changing . among , Luxury brands 、 The market share and penetration rate of new energy vehicles and intelligent interconnected vehicles will continue to increase .

   The proportion of luxury brands in the passenger car market will be 2015 year 6.1% Rise to 2025 Year of 22.4%; New energy vehicles are in 2021 The annual sales volume is expected to reach 200 Ten thousand units , To 2025 Expected to exceed 600 Ten thousand units ; Penetration of intelligent connected vehicles in the passenger car market 2021 Will rise to 42%, To 2025 Expected to reach 85%.

   For the decision-makers of auto enterprises , It is urgent to promote the brand upward . meanwhile , The wave of new energy has come , How to quickly launch electric models 、 The development of electrification strategy is also particularly important . Some experts say , Intelligent interconnection system will become the standard configuration of cars in the future , Therefore, it is necessary to invest heavily in Intelligent Networking .

   While the car market changes , The main consumers are also quietly changing .“Z generation ” The rising moment , How to meet the needs of a new generation of consumers , It is a key consideration for auto enterprises and the industry .

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   According to the report , Consumers have a more mature understanding of automobile consumption , The factors considered in the new car purchase stage are more diversified . Unlike in previous years , The influence of single product factor on consumption decision-making is gradually declining , Consumers' cognition of automobile products shows the trend of younger cognition time point and diversity of cognition scenes .

   This generation of consumers , It is a new generation of consumer power with the growth of China's automobile industry . exceed 94% Our future consumers are 18 One year old has begun to pay attention to automotive products . meanwhile , The cognitive scenarios of these consumers' automotive products are more diverse , Social media 、 Community activities and cultural tourism products are in Z The population of generations grows rapidly .

   It is different from the vehicle configuration that consumers like before , Under the transformation of electrification , Vehicle configuration plays an important role in consumer decision-making , Gradually not dominant , And the trend is developing further . Product configuration as a single factor , The proportion of influence on the new car purchase stage will be 2025 Year down to 30% about .

   This may remind the industry and auto enterprises , stay “ Heap configuration ” At the same time , Further improving the texture of the car and consumer satisfaction will be the homework to be done in the next stage .

from “ Product driven ” To “ User driven ”

   With the further expansion of the automobile market and the change of consumer groups , The product function of the car and its relationship with consumers are undergoing significant changes .

   The automotive industry is facing “ people - cargo - site ” Relationship reconstruction , The car market is changing from the past “ Product driven ” Gradually change to “ User driven ”. The focus of the auto market , And gradually focus on “ Vehicle value ” towards “ User life cycle value (CLV)” Whole chain transformation .

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   stay 2018-2020 These years , The new energy vehicle market presents a pattern of new forces in vehicle manufacturing and continuous efforts of mainstream joint venture vehicle enterprises , Increased the supply of high-end vehicles in the market , Enrich the product level , The whole life cycle value of new energy users has been significantly improved .

   In the fuel car market , As the market matures , Luxury brands continue to explore the market , The overall market competition intensifies , As a result, new car sales have declined , At the same time, it is affected by the epidemic , Mobile Travel 、 The consumption of cars has decreased , It lowers the user's full life cycle value of the overall fuel vehicle .

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Quantify the operating power of auto enterprises with big data

   In the report , The management power model of the new generation of automobile enterprises through 7 It's an area of assessment ,23 An evaluation project , exceed 100 Analysis of multiple key indicators , Through big data modeling and expert scoring, we give weight to each evaluation field and special evaluation , And according to the statistical results to quantify and evaluate the management power of automobile enterprises .

  “ Today I will specifically combine some subdivided markets and typical enterprises , Show and explain this system .” Traveling sermon .

   In the fuel plate , The overall development of overseas luxury brands is relatively balanced , Overseas mainstream brands and Chinese brands have obvious competitive advantages in channels , But in terms of service operation quality 、 Ecological operation ability and user operation ability need to be improved .

   Travel around and say ,“ Come to the new energy market , Confrontation between new forces and traditional brands and new energy sector , In fact, it is very interesting , In terms of new power brands for car making , Can fully reflect a late development advantage , However, they are slightly inadequate in the layout of channels .”

   According to the report , In the new energy sector , The overall management power of the new power brand of car making is better than that of the traditional new energy brand , Especially in terms of products and prices ; In addition to the advantages of traditional new energy brands in channels , There is no obvious competitive advantage in other aspects , Therefore, there is an urgent need to change our thinking , Dare to break the circle .

   In the new forces of making cars , The new forces of overseas brands represented by Tesla are in product strength 、 Marketing Management 、 Users have advantages in operation, etc ; The new forces of Chinese brands have made some breakthroughs in ecological operation and channel , In particular, the new forces of Chinese brands have had considerable business power .

   In the traditional new energy sector , Overseas luxury brands rely on historical accumulation , The overall operating power is dominant ; Overseas mainstream brands need to make efforts to new energy as soon as possible , Otherwise, there is a risk of falling behind ; The development of Chinese brands is uneven , BYD and other leading enterprises are worth looking forward to .

   Specific details to some auto enterprises , Take Beijing Benz as an example , Its score in the management power model is 6.31 branch .

   Beijing Benz has accumulated profound resources in recent years , Actively try catering 、 Sports and other diversified ecological construction , At the same time, strive to promote Mercedes Me And other innovative user communities , It realizes ecological and user operation “ The elephant turns around ”.

 Beijing Benz   Mercedes E level  2021 paragraph   Modification  E 260 L 4MATIC

Mercedes E level 』

   From the perspective of representative models , Mercedes E Class is the benchmark model in the medium and large luxury car market , But in price strategy 、 Poor performance in service operation quality , It is the focus that can be improved in the future .

   Come to Chinese brands , Taking the model as the center, the rear of Chang'an automobile is analyzed , The report gives 6.04 Sub operating power index .

   As a traditional Chinese car enterprise , Chang'an has made some changes in the face of new changes in the market , However, Changan Automobile has long been absent in terms of service and operation quality , Manufacturers focus on building product related capabilities , In service operation, the effect is slow 、 Insufficient efforts in back-end capacity-building with large investment ; At the same time, it lacks innovation courage at the user operation level , Operation means 、 Lack of innovation in operation content , Low user activity and user stickiness .

 Changan automobile   changan UNI-K 2021 paragraph  2.0T  Excellence


  UNI-K It is a leapfrog benchmark model built by Chang'an Automobile , Its more radical exterior and interior design 、 The online channel based sales strategy is obviously different from the previous models of Chang'an , But the model still needs to be in the service quality 、 Improve the ecological and user operation levels .

   With the growing maturity of China's automobile market , For the shaping of enterprise management ability , It will play a more critical role in daily operation . The pain points of new energy vehicles can be gradually solved 、 When the industrial development is hot and popularized in an all-round way , The reform and competition of automobile enterprises will enter a new track .( writing / Car home Cheng Gong )

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