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Welcome to the summer, the summer goes cold, and it's a good autumn

2021-08-26 13:27:23 Beijing daily client

In a moment , Go through the heat to .

Relieving summer heat is the fourteenth of the twenty-four solar terms , Its coming also means that it is about to enter the meteorological autumn . Since then, the heat has gradually dissipated , The heat is fading away , The cool wind blows your face to , It's cool in the summer. It's a good autumn .

Summer is a solar term that reflects the change of temperature , The summer vacation is in the middle of July ,“ It's about ” Contains hiding 、 The meaning of termination ,“ In the heat ” It means that the hot summer is over . As the height of the Sun continues to decrease , The heat is also weakened . The hot heat has gradually subsided , Although the summer heat is decreasing , The temperature will not rise abnormally , However, there will still be short-term regenerative weather during this period , Not really cool , When it really starts to feel cool, it usually comes after Bailu .

After the summer vacation , The temperature is gradually falling , The temperature difference between day and night gradually increases , But the white weather temperature is still high . The reason for this phenomenon , First, the direct point of the Sun continues to move southward , Solar radiation has weakened ; Second, the subtropical high retreated southward by leaps and bounds , Mongolia's cold and high pressure began to be eager to try , Little dew has a sharp edge .

There are three seasons in the summer : An eagle is a sacrifice to a bird 、 Second, heaven and earth began to be silent 、 Three Houhe naideng . The significance of summer treatment in daily life , Is to remind people that the heat is fading , The weather changes from hot to cool , Pay attention to prevention “ Autumn dryness ”. There are many folk activities in summer , Like eating ducks 、 Put on the river lamp 、 The fishing festival 、 Decocting tea 、 Worship the land lord .

Late summer or early autumn , At present, the morning and evening of the capital has vaguely touched the coolness of early autumn . Today and tomorrow , The sun is still lazy , There is still rain today , The rest of the rain in the mountains will remain tomorrow .

According to the forecast of the Municipal Meteorological Observatory , today , With the help of rain , The temperature is expected to be slightly low , The overall temperature fluctuation in the next few days is not big , But as the summer balance gradually runs out , The temperature difference between day and night increases gradually , Sooner or later, you can feel the coolness of early autumn . Today's Thunderstorm is obvious , It is expected to have a certain impact on the traffic in the evening peak , Please pay attention to carrying rain gear and driving safety , Pay close attention to the approaching forecast and early warning information in time .

Estimated from 23 solstice 31 Japan , The highest temperature in Beijing 28℃ to 30℃, The minimum 19℃ to 20℃.

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