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Sitting price, fictional fault! It's time to take care of the mess in the housekeeping and home repair industry

2021-08-26 13:27:34 Beijing daily client

Moving expenses 1500 Meta change 1.8 ten thousand , Beijing Sifang Brothers moving company 6 People were recently sentenced . Although offenders are punished by law , But the starting price of the home economics and home repair industry 、 Forced fee collection is still common , Consumers suffer .12345 The hotline reported ,6 Since January, they have directly complained about the moving company “ raise the price at the transaction location ” Your call is near 40 rise , Reflect air conditioning 、 Washing machines and other household appliances are repaired on site “ The purchase of services is not in line with the commitment ” There are 700 More .

Reporters found , Pretend to be a well-known brand , There is no standard at all ; In the process of service, the price starts from sitting down 、 Fictitious fault , Take the opportunity to raise costs , Or inferior to good , Charge a high fee ; The quality of service cannot be guaranteed , The delay of after-sales service is one of the three cases that affect the healthy development of housekeeping and home repair industry “ sin ”.

complaints :

Posing as a well-known company , The moving company starts from

“ Brother Jingbei moving company fraudulently uses brother moving company to cheat consumers' trust , There is obvious fraud .” Not long ago , A piano 、 An air conditioner 、 A cabinet ,2.1 Kilometers of moving distance , Let Mr. Bao pay 6000 A moving fee of yuan . He calculated the account , As the moving company said before , The freight of a car is 280 element , Two cars altogether 560 element , There are also three items handling fees, respectively 200 element 、150 element 、450 element , Total talent 1360 element .

However , After the workers moved, they sat on the ground and started to pay , Ask for additional labor costs , Every person an hour 300 element , common 3 people ,5 Hours total 4500 element . Mr. Bao said , At that time, the workers asked for a total of 8000 element , After bargaining, he paid 6000 element .“ It's almost late at night 12 spot , For the sake of two children and their own safety , Had to pay a high price .”

Also suffer from “ Brother moved ” The confused citizen Mr. Sun . He also had experience in moving before , This time he did his homework on the Internet , Chose a well-known “ Brother moved ”. The departure room is long from the elevator passage , There is an additional labor fee , The destination furniture has to be moved from the car to the home, and there is a detour , Another charge …… That's it , Plus freight and other costs , What I said when I placed the order earlier “300 Yuan plus later normal expenditure ”, It becomes the total price 2000 element . Before leaving , Mr. Sun saw it before the co driver of the moving truck “ Beijing Brothers Zhongan moving company ” My red seal , It turns out that what you're looking for is not real “ Brother moved ”.

rack one's brains for ingenious devices , Various charges “ pit ” consumer

Compared to moving , Home repair service is even more essential to people's life . However, there are various problems in reality “ pit ” It often gives citizens a headache .

“ Our air conditioner doesn't cool , Contacted the after-sales service and asked for door-to-door maintenance , The other party added fluorine to the air conditioner after they came to the door , After adding, he asked me for 1850 element .” Ms. Li said , The other party explained that the specific amount of fluorine to be added depends on the actual situation , It also said that other parts should be replaced ,“ I don't understand , I can only admit my bad luck .”

Mr. Pan is worried about the high cost of official after-sales maintenance , I found a personal repair on the Internet .“ They replaced the compression jack for my air conditioner , Accepted 480 Yuan , Plus fluoride 720 Yuan , On site fee 200 element , Maintenance costs 280 element , A total of 1680 Yuan .” Mr. Pan found out , The charging details of personal maintenance are completely invisible , Drop yourself “ pit ” In the .

Ms. Peng is also dumb .“ My water heater is out of order , I called the official customer service number and the master came to repair , The changed mixing switch is closed 380 element , Explosion proof valve 200 element , Replace the power cord 200.” Ms. Peng shared her experience and said , She contacted the customer service to ask for a quotation , It turns out that “ The master says as much as he says ”.

Like Ms. Peng , Many consumers don't know technology , What are the technical problems with the product , Should it be repaired or replaced , Is the part really broken , Often not clear , In the case of asymmetric information, it is easy to be in a weak position .

The service quality is not guaranteed , It is difficult to deal with consumer complaints

Some citizens feel cheated , Then apply to the service company for a refund , But the after-sales progress is very slow .

Mr. Gao asked 12345 reflect , He placed an order for door-to-door maintenance in Jingdong , Maintenance done by woodpecker company Miyun store , He has 3 An air conditioner , After the staff came to the door, they told , There's a special package for 800 Yuan . But after Mr. Gao paid the money , None of the air conditioners have been repaired .“ Woodpecker customer service said no matter after-sales , I'll go to Jingdong , But there are no orders .” When there is no way to ask for help , Mr. Gao to 12345 The hotline called , Ask Jingdong and woodpecker platform to refund . But because the woodpecker company is registered in Chongqing , Mr. Gao's complaint is far away .

Reporters noted that , Some Internet maintenance services are not registered in Beijing , The after-sales process is slow , Others do not operate at their registered address , The regulatory authorities can only list it in the list of business exceptions and wait for subsequent treatment .

survey :

Provide “ Bank card + WeChat ” You can publish job information

Why is there frequent chaos in the home repair market ? Lawyer Zhang Xiaowei of Beijing Xinkai law firm believes that , Except because the service provider's own operation is not standardized 、 Weak legal consciousness , There are also factors such as imperfect legal system and inadequate supervision .

Reporters log in 58 Websites in the same city , Release information about moving and maintenance in your personal capacity , Just through face recognition , Provide bank card and wechat information , A service message can be released in minutes , There is no threshold for market access .

“ Will the moving sign a contract or agreement ?” The reporter has consulted many companies , Some gave a direct negative answer , Others say that if you carry valuables of high value, you can consider signing . The customer service of the maintenance service company said , You can issue a receipt at most .

Because of the low threshold of market access , Some private moving teams 、 There is no formal qualification for personal maintenance , It also avoids the supervision of law enforcement .“ For example, maintenance service , Although it's a small area , But in fact, it is indispensable in public life . Scattered and disordered , Maintenance services are not easy to bring into unified supervision , This area has become a blind spot for law enforcement .” Zhang Xiaowei said .

Besides , There are no relevant industry standards for housekeeping and home repair services , There are no perfect rules and regulations .

Suggest :

Give full play to the publicity and supervision role of the platform

“ At present, network information is developed , Consumers often look for domestic service providers through online third-party platforms .” Lawyer Zhang Xiaowei suggested , We should give full play to the open and regulatory role of the platform , For example, require the settled company to publicize the service fee in advance 、 Matters, etc , Sign the service agreement on the premise of fully protecting consumers' right to know ; After the service, consumers are allowed to evaluate truthfully and make the evaluation content public ; Take compulsory exit mechanism for businesses with more complaints, etc .

Lawyer Zhang Xiaowei said , Compared to moving , The amount paid for maintenance is often not too high , Consumers use judicial means to solve the problem, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming , This allows some domestic maintenance service providers to take advantage of the loopholes . For this kind of behavior , It's faster to deal with it administratively . He suggested that , The market supervision department should strengthen the supervision and punishment ; in addition , Relevant legislation also needs to keep up as soon as possible , Prevent service providers from taking advantage of the lack of regulations .

Lawyer Zhang Xiaowei also reminded consumers , Have a sense of law and rights protection , Dare to say... About wrongdoing “ No ”. When negotiation fails , Pay attention to the preservation of evidence , Feed back the requirements to the platform , Complain to the administrative department , Or call the police 、 Protect their own legitimate rights and interests by litigation .

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