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BYD Qin was rear ended by Dongfeng Peugeot 301. Owner: it's so ambitious for domestic car captains

2021-08-26 13:27:46 Oriental Information automobile

In recent years , Has everyone's impression of domestic cars changed slowly ? More and more domestic cars can be seen on the road , Gradually narrow the gap with joint venture vehicles , Whether in appearance 、 To configure 、 The power has been recognized by people , According to the survey , Now 90 Generation no longer mind buying domestic cars , Now that it's recognized , Then compare the joint venture car , What is its quality ? Let's learn about... Through this rear end accident .

Nearly period of time , A BYD Qin car owner shared a distressing and gratifying rear end collision accident in the Forum , According to BYD Qin car owner's description ,“ Rush to work early in the morning , There are so many cars , It's really annoying to meet some people who cross the road by electric car , Fortunately, I didn't hit the electric car , His ass was hit by the car behind him !”

The rear end car is Dongfeng Peugeot 301, But not fast , But after such a collision , sign 301 The hood of the car has cracked and bulged , There are also depressions in front , The lights are almost scrapped . BYD Qin just broke the bumper , Compare the damage of the rear car , The owner said ,“ The big brother behind the car looked at his car , The whole person is not good , After the accident handling process is completed , stay 4S In the process of repair, disassembly and inspection in the store , See that the rear crash beam is only slightly deformed , And very strong , Very conscientious domestic car enterprises .”

For this rear end collision , Some netizens commented that ,“ Another new model of road tank , The car in the back hit badly .” Some netizens also said ,“ Legal cars are younger than Japanese cars !” More netizens said ,“ The quality of domestic cars , BYD road tank .”

Speaking of the end , Compare the results of this rear end traffic accident , Although in the rear end accident , Often the rear car suffers more , But by comparison , Dongfeng sign 301 There is a big gap between the damage and BYD Qin , Praise the quality of domestic cars ! What do you think ?

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