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Another Japanese car is "sought after"! The car is 4.9 meters long, selling 39546 sets in 60 days, and the fuel consumption is only 4.1l

2021-08-26 13:27:50 Oriental Information automobile

In this society with relatively developed networks , When people choose the model , Will give priority to the comprehensive evaluation of some car critics , Look at what every car critic says , Finally, combine the budget in your hand , And the comprehensive reputation of this model in China , Finally make the final “ Option ”. But at home B Inside the first-class model , Joint venture family Toyota 、 Honda “ Always drive well ”, Of course , Such words are not what I said , But the real feedback given by some domestic car owners , Indirectly, it also makes many domestic consumers bow down for their money , Even if the budget is extended to 20 ten thousand , In the end, I will appropriately add some money to buy the medium and high configuration version .

Like maiteng's leading version 、 Camry's Deluxe Version 、 And the hybrid version of accord , This type of joint venture car is obtained in 20 All the above , It has far exceeded some domestic consumers 20 Million to buy a car , But because of the factors of quality and hedging rate , If you give me 20 Ten thousand budget words , I will also add some money to buy them , Because our own brand is in China B In the first-class model market , It really takes some time to develop . And today I tell you that the protagonist comes from the Japanese family , This kind of B The class car is in the nearest 2 Sales suddenly soared last month , It has always been the top few in monthly sales , In the recent 2 I sold a lot in three months 39546 platform .

Its transition at home is hot , Indirectly, it will lead to other domestic B Class cars are getting harder and harder to sell , Like maiteng 、 The accord 、 The sales of the three Passat models continued to decline in China , At the lowest , I really don't make complaints about it , Only a few thousand units are sold in a month . On the contrary, Toyota Camry, which is better than all of them , It broke out at home , Maybe it's really because of their own strength , This leads to this model being trusted by consumers in China , After all, Toyota Camry in terms of price , Than maiteng 、 Accord is more expensive , I believe that it is almost always for its own quality 、 Space 、 Security comes .

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