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All 48V light mixed 2022 Anke banner and hanlanda dual engine, who is better?

2021-08-26 13:27:53 Oriental Information automobile

lately ,2022 Angke banner was officially listed , The price also comes from 2021 Starting price 27.99 Ten thousand yuan went up to 29.99 Ten thousand yuan , Because the whole department is changed to 48V Light mixing system blessing , Prices 2 Ten thousand yuan is understandable , Many people may think that the light mixed blessing 2022 Angke flag will be more fuel-efficient , So it's more worth buying and selling ? It's not !

Angke banner 48V The light hybrid is no more fuel-efficient than the old non hybrid

According to the statistics of the owner's house , Before this year, Anke banner 7 It's been sold for months 16607 car , Average monthly sales 2372 car , Such sales are really good . It's better than not knowing , Hanlanda of the same size , Not only is there no discount in the market , When waiting for a long time to collect the car , Hannanda... Before this year 7 The month total approved 51993 car , The gap is big enough .

In the whole department 48V Will the enko flag blessed by the light mix sell well ? It doesn't have to be ! Some people don't know 48V The light guy is actually a chicken rib , Reducing fuel consumption is not obvious ,2021 Angke banner has no comprehensive fuel consumption of light mixing design 7.4L/100km, And use 48V Light mix design 2022 Comprehensive fuel consumption of Anke banner 7.3L/100km, so 48V Light mix design does not save fuel .

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