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The invisible "tire killer" is more lethal than nails. Do you see it every day?

2021-08-26 13:27:57 Oriental Information automobile

Tires are the object of direct contact between the car and the ground , Of course, it's not important to say . In case of tire problems , Not only does it affect the driving operation of the car , More likely to lead to safety accidents . But actually , We tend to ignore tire maintenance , Sometimes something gets stuck , I won't pay much attention to . But it's actually very dangerous . Because the stuck on the tire may be invisible “ Tire killer ”. Why is that ? Let's see .

I have to say that the tire design is very good , Deep grooves in tires can not only increase friction , On rainy days , It can also better drain , So that the braking performance will not be damaged .

But when the pebble got stuck in the gutter , It will affect the drainage performance of the tire , The friction between the tire and the ground is affected , Resulting in an increase in braking distance . So it's very dangerous

in addition , Because the stones are mostly sharp in shape . When stuck in the tire , Due to the pressure of the runner , Cause the stones to sink deeper and deeper , It may even get stuck in the tire , It's even possible to pierce a big hole directly , This increases the risk of a flat tire risk . And it's not easy to repair , It can only be replaced . And because of the stones , Tire noise often occurs , To some extent , It affects the driver's feeling .

also , We all know , The chance of encountering stones on the road is far greater than nails . So old drivers often say “ The car is not afraid of nails , I'm afraid I can't get rid of the stones ”. thus it can be seen , Sometimes stones are as dangerous as nails .

therefore , Everyone in daily life , Never ignore the pebbles stuck in the tires , When something goes wrong , There may be serious consequences . Once the tire is abnormal , Check or replace it in time !

source : Dew 3000

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