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2021 "China's auto hedging rate list" fit ranks firmly in the throne

2021-08-26 13:29:42 58 car

from 58 Car sponsored 《2021 China's auto hedging rate list 》 In the selection activity , We analyzed the hedging rate of various models , Provide users with the most intuitive reference index for car purchase . Today, let's talk about the closely watched fit of GAC Honda among small cars . In a small car , The fitness, known as civilian super running, is very excellent in terms of value preservation rate , according to 58 automobile 2020 The statistics in show that , Fit 3 The annual hedging rate is as high as 67.8%, Why such a hedge ? Let's play it today !

Speaking of Honda, I think what I have to mention is its fans' belief in the brand , As we know VTEC is best、 Earth dream engine 、 One day Honda , The reputation of lifetime Honda and so on is the best proof that car fans are keen on Honda .

Fit is a small car launched by Honda in China , At present, there is a large stock in the market , Early fit was favored by consumers with good reliability and durability , Low fuel consumption 、 Strong performance 、 Few problems , The space is more comfortable , Therefore, it is very popular in the used car market , The market demand is great .

In the domestic market , There is a great demand for small hatchbacks . Many people say fit skin is thin 、 Buy an engine and deliver the car 、 Poor sound insulation 、 Poor interior quality , This is really the disadvantage of fit , But looking at all 10 Who doesn't have a small car like this ? Moreover, the advantages of fit all hit the needs of domestic consumers , Fashionable appearance 、 Excellent space and power 、 Good fuel consumption performance , It can meet the needs of consumers and even give consumers unexpected surprises , Naturally, it will sell well .

Fit's best seller , The main reason is that “ Set off by peers ”. Toyota dazzles 、 Wich family , Listed on 2013 year , Now at the end of life , A sharp decline in competitiveness , Compared with the new generation of fit , It's too far away . Although the fit configuration has been widely criticized , But in fact , The new fit has only low configuration , And it's driving 、 The improvement of security and other aspects is still obvious .

On the other hand , Fit is also very popular in the refitting market , Many car owners have made various modifications to this car , In addition, in the Auto Parts City, the fit is also more part styles and the price is more reasonable , Buying a second-hand fit to refit is a good choice . And thanks to the smaller body size , It should be said that it is relatively flexible under the congested roads in big cities , And it's better to park , Very friendly to many female car owners and novice drivers .

This is it. 2021 The content of China's auto hedging rate list , Focus on 58 automobile , Bring you more wonderful content , See you next time .

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