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The neglected luxury car is 1.93 meters wide. Unfortunately, it takes 30 days to sell 19 sets

2021-08-26 13:38:27 Oriental Information automobile

Some people say , Can't afford a BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne , If you don't have a BMW X1, audi Q3, Mercedes GLA Satisfied , But in my opinion , For many people who yearn for luxury cars , But for people who don't have enough budget , In fact, I don't have to stare at BMW all the time X1, Mercedes GLA, audi Q3, This kind of WEY VV7 Whether in the comfort of the whole vehicle , Driving sense , Dynamic performance , To configure , Handling and many other aspects can be said to be better than BMW X1, audi Q3 Much better , It's the same when driving out. It's very classy , The key is its price, even the top matching is 18.88 ten thousand , by comparison ,WEY VV7 The cost performance of the whole vehicle is really much higher , But what we can't do is , But few people appreciate it , In the past 3 In the month , It only sold 19 car , It makes people feel , As the first luxury in China SUV, It really shouldn't be left out . A neglected luxury car , Vehicle width 1 rice 93,50 Million configurations as low as 16 ten thousand , unfortunately 30 Genius selling 19 platform

As Great Wall Motors in SUV Flagship work in the field , From the performance of the market , Have to admit ,WEY VV7 pretty " Frustration " Of , But I believe in VV7 People who know something know , Actually VV7 It's not bad in all aspects , When I first saw it , The appearance of the whole car will make people feel quite stable , The style , The slightly diving body is equipped with a big sliding back and bulging muscles on both sides , What's more, let your due temperament add points , From a distance ,VV7 Especially like a cross-border sedan , besides ,VV7 Not only have a solid manufacturing process , The whole car has also passed as many as 40 Noise reduction and anti noise treatment have been done in many places , As soon as you get into the car , The sound insulation effect in the car is no less than that of Audi Q5L, BMW X3 The level of , It's really good .

When the whole car approaches 2 On a ton body ,VV7 And have 4760*1931*1655mm The width of high , The wheelbase has also reached 2950mm, by comparison , Whether it's the body or the interior space ,VV7 It can be said that it is better than BMW X1, audi Q3 A big circle .

VV7 In addition to having a beautiful appearance , Get in the car , The luxurious atmosphere presented by the whole interior layout is also very strong , The interior of the car benefits from a large area of leather package and silver metal wire drawing decoration , For the texture of the car , The comfort is also first-class , in addition ,VV7 The embodiment of configuration is also famous for its richness , Like active braking , Lane keep , Panoramic skylight can be opened , Electric rear compartment , Full speed adaptive cruise , Reversing image +360 Panoramic camera and so on are standard configuration , Than 50 Ten thousand BMW X3, audi Q5L But also rich .

As a flagship luxury SUV, from VV7 In terms of power performance , It can never let people down , The whole car is not only equipped with a set as standard 2.0T(227 horsepower ) A turbocharged engine , And when the speed reaches 1600 When I turn around , The turbine will automatically intervene , At the same time, it will bring more excellent driving fun to car owners , Step on the accelerator , Can also burst out at the highest 227 Horsepower output and maximum 387Nm Peak torque , Open up , That kind of driving feeling is really comfortable .

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