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The new version of "Tianlong Babu" is not suitable. The plot deviates. When can we let go of the classic

2021-08-26 13:41:09 Oriental Information automobile

The remake of classic works has always been a hot topic , There have always been countless classic works constantly renovated and put on the screen , There are many novels 、 TV play 、 The movie , It seems to have something to do with classics , On the tall .

Little imagine , Zhu Yu is in front , Remakes are more often , Are criticized .

mention 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 You're all familiar , As one of Mr. Jin Yong's excellent martial arts works , since 77 Since it was first made into a play in , There have been many adaptations , TV plays and movies have , Namely :1977 Li Xiuxian Edition 、1982 Huang Rihua Edition 、1982 Tang Zhenye film edition 、1990 Huitianci Taiwan Edition 、1994 Lin Qingxia Edition 《 Tianshan children's grandmother of the new Tianlong eight 》、1997 Huang Rihua Edition 、2003 Mainland Hu Jun Edition 、2013 Zhong Hanliang edition and 2021 Yang Youning Edition .

so far ,《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 There are nine related film and television works in total .

that , I think the audience born after 8090 are most familiar with the two versions , Should be 97 Huang Rihua version and 03 Hu Jun version , These are also the two most popular classic editions .

Speaking of this, we should be clear , This play review , Just for 2021 edition 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》.

I'm afraid I'll take it out of context after watching more than ten episodes , I'm afraid I've wronged this work , Now I've seen 22 episodes , I don't think so , There is a deep question , Isn't the new edition really funny ?

new edition 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 Yang Youning is one of the actors 、 Janice man 、 Bai Shu 、 Zhang Tianyang 、 Su Qing 、 He Hongshan 、 Yu Rongguang 、 Huang Yi 、 Shen Xiaohai 、 Qiu Xinzhi 、 LV Liangwei 、 Zhu Zhu 、 Gao Taiyu 、 Zeng Yixuan 、 Liu Meitong 、 Meng Li 、 Sun Yali 、 Ma Yashu 、 Liu Yucui 、 Xu Dongdong, etc .

The cast looks good ! There are old drama bones 、 There are young actors 、 There is a younger generation , But so old + in + A new routine , It's really rotten . In many plays, there are always several old opera bones to play supporting roles , The purpose is to make these drama bones make up for the shortcomings of newcomers , Also to improve the quality of actors , But no matter how powerful the king is , He can't stand a group of bronze !

《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 The three protagonists Qiao Feng 、 Duan Yu 、 False bamboo , Yang Youning 、 Bai Shu 、 Zhang Tianyang plays .

Qiao Feng played by Yang Youning is not domineering and righteous , The only thing I have is that rough gas , Not too much drama , Acting , I don't know why , I can always see greasiness in him , But looking at others, I think he can see Qiao Feng a little ;

Then Duan Yu played by Bai Shu may have gone to the wrong set , Thick bangs 、 Smoky make-up 、 Little EARRINGS 、 Gilded white clothes , A spiritual guy, rich second generation , You said you wanted to highlight the temperament of his son of Dali , But I saw a silly boy throughout the article , Acting skills are all written on your face , It's hard , Even the lines need facial force , It's not hard ; Xu Zhu played by Zhang Tianyang , It looks really cool “ virtual ” Of , I don't know whether it's the filter or the light , Speech is also powerless , But also with a broadcast cavity , Even looking at some sneaky eyes , Like a hidden villain , Acting skills are also not flattering .

Murong Fu, played by Gao Taiyu, has a look and a tone of voice , Even some Yin Qi , It looks like a eunuch .

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