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The 'ace' SUV, which should not be indifferent, is equipped with 19 inch wheel hub + 12.3 inch screen

2021-08-26 13:43:30 Oriental Information automobile

In the current auto market ,SUV Has successfully surpassed the position of the car , Become the first choice for many candidates , So we see that many car companies rely on one SUV The car has completed a perfect turn , But there are also some boutique models that have not changed their fate , On the contrary, they are gradually being forgotten , So the car I want to talk about today is a cold one " ace "SUV, It matches 19 Inch wheels +12.3 Inch screen , Insufficient 8 Wan Bi H6 All exercise , This car is the new model of Haima SUV The hippocampus 8S.

In the appearance part , This car is designed with a brand-new technique , Its appearance has indeed improved a lot compared with previous models , First of all, its front face adopts a very three-dimensional design , The headlights look very smart , And there is another matrix light source design below , The chrome strip inside China open makes the front of the car more fashionable . On the side, we can see the suspended roof and red calipers 19 The emergence of many popular elements such as inch wheels , And the sharp waistline adds sports effect to the car .

At the end of the car , After the integrated tail lamp lights up, it looks very scientific and technological , And the recognition is also in place , There is also a double outlet exhaust design below , This gives it a sense of movement , Taller than you and the overall shape design of the rear is also very three-dimensional , Looks like H6 Be fashionable and sporty .

When you walk into the interior , It can be found that its design is still very likable ,T The design of the type central control is reasonable and clear , Suspended central control panel and 12.3 The inch dashboard enhances the sense of technology in the car . And around the gear lever, such as electronic handbrake and ECO Patterns and so on , These designs make it very easy for the driver to operate . The seat adopts a relatively wide and thick design , It feels good to ride . Configuration part , The car has a constant speed cruise / Panoramic images / Snow mode / Hill auxiliary / Panoramic sunroof / Electric trunk / Mobile Internet and so on , In space, it did 2.7 Meter wheelbase , This is more than H6 Or Bo Yue and many other mainstream SUV All good .

In terms of power, it uses 1.6T Machine , It did 195 Horsepower and 293 Cattle meters , The match is a 6AT The transmission , The fuel consumption is 7L Up and down , As far as this report card is concerned , It is similar to many well-known SUV It has some advantages over , Therefore, for daily use, it can completely meet .

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