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Summary of new vehicles to be launched next week Changan uni-t / Xingtu Lingyun 400t lead the launch

2021-08-26 14:16:21 Driving sight

As the Chengdu auto show is approaching , Many car companies have released news about the new cars to be listed at the auto show , However, some models are scheduled to go on sale before the exhibition , It can be regarded as preempting a wave of heat in advance . The driving line of sight summarizes what will be available next week 5 A heavyweight model , Chang'an UNI-T、WEY Macchiatto 、 The stars are flying in the clouds 400T、 Crown Lufang and Geely's fourth generation Imperial .

changan UNI-T

New Changan UNI-T Will be in 8 month 25 Official listing , The new car has been upgraded according to the model details , And added a variety of car paint and rim styles . aesthetic , The new car still continues the overall design of the current model , The front face is an unbounded grille , The two sides are quite sharp split LED headlight . in addition , Some models will also provide “ A clover ” Hidden headlights . in addition , The government will also provide one of the largest 20 Inch double five spoke rings for consumers to choose from .

motivation , New cars continue to be loaded 1.5T The engine , But the power has increased , Maximum power up to 138 kw , The maximum torque is 300 cattle · rice , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . in addition , Refer to the previous declaration information , The new car may also launch a 2.0T models .

WEY Macchiatto

new WEY Macchiato will be this year 8 month 27 Official listing , The new car adopts a new design style , The front of the car is equipped with a larger air inlet grille , And after the embellishment of chrome plated material, it enriches the younger visual effect . Both sides of the front , also LED The headlamp composed of light source is blessed , Matrix style brings more conspicuous recognition at night .

On the interior , New car adopted WEY The brand's latest design language , And there are dual LCD meters for blessing , Enriching the luxurious scientific and technological atmosphere , The ease of use has also been upgraded . On the power system , The new car carries 1.5L A hybrid system consisting of a naturally aspirated engine .

The stars are flying in the clouds 400T

The stars are flying in the clouds 400T The model will be in 8 month 27 Official listing . before , The model has been opened for pre-sale , The pre-sale price is 15.90-17.99 Ten thousand yuan . The new car will be based on Star Trek M3X Mars Architecture PRO make . Power on , New cars will carry 2.0T Turbocharged engine .

aesthetic , The path of the stars is cloudy as the path of the stars TXL Successor models , Compared with the overall shape TXL Not much difference , But the front face adopts the latest family design , Headlights and brands LOGO Connect with a black trim strip , Enhance the visual width of the front face . And the front of the new car is surrounded , It continues to adopt the multi banner design , And equipped with... On both sides L Type trim strip and longitudinal daytime running lamp trim . On the interior , The new car will be equipped with full LCD instrument and large central control touch screen , And form a double screen design , Touch buttons are used in the central air conditioning panel area , With two physical knobs .

Crown Lu Fang

FAW Toyota Crown land ginger fish 8 month 28 Day listed , Previously, the new car has been pre sold , And as hannanda's sister car , The new car has a crown LOGO. Powered by 2.5L Hybrid system composed of engine and motor . The combined maximum power can reach 183kW, Transmission system matching E-CVT transmission .

appearance , Crown Lufang adopts the latest design language , The overall shape is similar to that of hanlanda , But it has the domineering spirit of the crown model , The biggest difference is that it adopts the American version of hanlanda XSE The sporty look surrounds . On the size , The length, width and height of the crown are 5015/1930/1750mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm.

Geely emgrand

The fourth generation of Geely imperial will be in 8 month 28 Official listing , At present, the new car has been opened for pre-sale , There are two models , The pre-sale price range is 8.7 Ten thousand yuan -9.2 Ten thousand yuan . motivation , The new car will carry a model of JLC-4G15B Of 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power is 114 horsepower , Peak torque 147N·m. Transmission system , The new car is matched CVT transmission .

aesthetic , The new car will use the new Geely family design language , The front face is equipped with polygonal air inlet grille , Straight waterfall design is adopted inside , The latest modeling design is selected for the lamp groups on both sides , It looks very atmospheric . Besides , The front enclosure uses a three-stage opening , This design and Geely Xingrui 、 The more stars L With high similarity . In terms of size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4638/1820/1460mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm.

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