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Increase the risk of spontaneous combustion, but the battery attenuation is not insured! The exclusive insurance for new energy vehicles is finally coming out

2021-08-26 14:16:45 New automobile Chronicle

In recent days, , China Insurance Industry Association issued heavy regulations ——《 Exclusive terms of new energy vehicle commercial insurance of China Insurance Industry Association (2021 Draft for comments )》.

This regulation mainly expounds the content of new energy vehicle insurance , Define the scope of the main insurance 、 Insurance type and purchase method . among , This time, we will solicit opinions from the public , Not only will the three electricity system most concerned by consumers be included in the scope of protection , It also includes spontaneous combustion 、 Grid fault 、 Charging pile 、 Intelligent driving assistance software, etc , But it clearly states that battery attenuation is not guaranteed !

that , The launch of exclusive insurance for new energy vehicles , For our automotive aftermarket and end-user owners , What impact will it have ?


Insurance companies will control the aftermarket of new energy vehicles ?

Due to the great difference between new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles , Compared with traditional fuel vehicles , The former actually has the so-called “ Three pieces ”, It's also known as “ Three electric ”—— The motor 、 The battery 、 Electronic control . And once new energy vehicles have problems , Or an accident , Except for the external sheet metal 、 Paint outside , The most important thing is “ Three electric ” Repair or replace .

therefore , Exclusive insurance products for new energy vehicles , Will be under compulsory insurance 、 In addition to compulsory traffic insurance and commercial insurance , Plus some proprietary insurance , such as : Water risk 、 Spontaneous combustion risk 、 Mileage insurance 、 Battery insurance and information security insurance .

You still remember the comprehensive fee reform discussed with you before , The vehicle insurance fee reform has shifted the focus to the terminal owner . Some insiders said , Now it is difficult for a single repair shop to become a climate , You have to unite to make a sound , Only then can capital and insurance companies talk about more framework cooperation agreements .

Looking at the current situation of the industry , Most of the traditional garages are still “ Transition period ”, There are some preliminary layouts in progress . With the expansion of new energy vehicle market , Perfection of the exclusivity of insurance products , I want to undertake the maintenance business of new energy vehicles in the future , There must be insurance companies and manufacturers ( Main engine factory ) Authorization of .

in addition , The loss determination of auto insurance companies will introduce a series of new processes for new energy vehicles in the future , This will be different from traditional fuel vehicles . From loss determination to repair shop maintenance , In this process, a large number of repair shops will be rejected because they do not meet the relevant qualification requirements “ abandon ”.

Xiaobian learned from previous relevant interviews , At present, there is a major gap in the post maintenance market of new energy vehicles , This is also a market opportunity for the garage , With the improvement of insurance products , Serving the market ” Qualifications “ Standards will rise again .

But insurance companies also have their own difficulties , According to the analysis of industry experts , The high premium of new energy vehicles is due to the high loss ratio , Probably higher than 20% about . In particular, the battery system accounts for nearly half of the total cost of new energy vehicles 40%, The three electricity system accounts for nearly... Of the cost of new energy vehicles 60%, Once the battery or three electricity system is damaged , Insurance companies will face high compensation .

Therefore, the insurance company is not willing to underwrite the three electricity system , Even some new energy vehicle brands with high accident rate will encounter the embarrassment of difficult to buy insurance .


The maintenance cost of new energy vehicles is fuel vehicles 1.6 times

From an industry perspective , The aftermarket of new energy vehicles is still a blue ocean , Most of the major OEMs adopt the direct marketing mode in the post market business , Part is outsourced to a professional third-party repair shop to do . Through the analysis of Xiaobian, it is found that , Most of these repair shops are class II repair shops , And they are all transformed from fuel vehicle maintenance , Some have maintenance experience in medium and high-end models .

But for them , It is not easy to take the step of transformation , Because this determines that a high cost needs to be invested in the early stage , This is actually related to the maintenance cost of new energy vehicles .

From a recent industry statistics, we can find that , The company inquired 2016 - 2021 Between... Years 1900 Data of 10000 cars . The study found that service technicians take twice as long to diagnose problems with electric vehicles as gasoline vehicles . It took a long time to fix them 1.5 times , The study found that , Most maintenance work is focused on EV On specific components , For example, wiring problems or charging problems .

also , In the first three months of buying an electric car , The maintenance cost is the of internal combustion engine vehicles 2.3 times . But over time , The gap will narrow .

There are also some data to show , After owning the electric car for the first year , The maintenance cost of electric vehicles will only increase 1.6 times . And nine months after the first year of ownership , If the maintenance cost is reduced, it can be reduced 77%, The maintenance cost decreased slightly .


The post market dividend period of new energy vehicles is still in progress ?

Some industry experts believe that , The popularization of new energy vehicles in the future will not only affect the maintenance of the automotive aftermarket 、 The need for financial services in maintenance and other links , It will also change the size of the whole post market . It is estimated that , The size of the automotive aftermarket will shrink with the entry of electric vehicles 15%.

Due to the change of the front-end pattern of the automobile consumer market , It will gradually affect the back end of sales . Because the iteration speed of domestic new energy products far exceeds the development speed of the post market , Caused several obvious pain points at present : The charging pile is not enough 、 There are few after-sales outlets 、 Maintenance Qualification: 、 There is a big talent gap .

therefore , Some post independence market enterprises feel the pressure , And some of them have started from these pain points , Looking for new growth points in the industry , But most of the mom and pop stores in the market , The changes brought about by the development of new energy vehicles are relatively dull , This is also the difficulty of the transformation of the traditional auto repair industry .

Here we borrow an internal research data report of the industry to see , In this report , Yes 35% My boss thinks , At present, new energy vehicles are not the mainstream , Even if you want to transform, it's not so fast , The most important thing at present is to keep the customers accumulated for so many years , There is no hurry to consider the issue of transformation ;

Yes 50% My boss saw the development trend of new energy vehicles , I also agree with the necessity of transformation , But technology 、 Equipment and other reasons , I can't cross this barrier in my heart ; The remaining operators , Is content with the status quo , Follow the crowd , Wait and see , I don't have any special ideas ......

Xiao Bian sometimes visits some repair shops in Shanghai , I've also discussed these issues with my boss . Some bosses think , I don't have a technician who knows a lot about new energy vehicles in my shop , New energy vehicles will not enter the store , At present, it is the mentality of taking one step at a time .

actually , There are some maintenance projects , For traditional auto repair stores , It can still be undertaken , Like a wiper 、 Tires, etc . It's just , These garage stores don't have “ Into the ” It's just a circle , So there will be no guests . However , Traditional auto repair shops can provide supporting services for new energy vehicles , Let's do another case —— Guangdong Strider .

The company hatched its own “ Strider car e standing ” Provide various after-sales services for new energy vehicles . among , New energy vehicles are the most important “ Three electric ” Professional maintenance is the main business , Plus maintenance 、 Charge 、 Shared car pick-up and return service 、 Online car Hailing service 、 B & P beauty 、 Car sales 、 Used car replacement 、 Battery recycling and other professional comprehensive services to assist .

After nearly three years of channel exploration and market analysis , Mr. Yang, the person in charge, believes that there is a big gap in the repair and maintenance industry of domestic new energy vehicles , And new energy vehicles must be the mainstream of the future automobile market .

If there is pre-sales, there will be after-sales , With the influence of various policies and environmental factors , The market share of new energy vehicles will gradually increase , It is also a predictable situation to squeeze the market share of traditional repair shops .

in any case , Exclusive insurance for new energy vehicles is finally coming , For auto insurance enterprises 、 The repair shop that undertakes the maintenance responsibility in the middle is still the owner of new energy vehicles , This will be a new chapter in the auto insurance industry .

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