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Great Wall Haval unveiled two SUVs in India. The audience was full! Appearance value far exceeds H6

2021-08-26 14:22:12 Oriental Information automobile

Many domestic car brands have begun to go overseas , For example, at the recent Delhi International Auto Show in India , Great Wall Motors booth is a sea of people . Great Wall Motors didn't set foot in the Indian market on a large scale , But judging from the situation this year , Great Wall Motors will conduct in-depth layout in India , In the early stage, it has acquired an Indian automobile manufacturer , It is expected that the Haval model will be put into production in India .

At this auto show , Great Wall Harvard really worked hard , Two new models were released in one breath SUV models , And the booth is full of visitors from India , These two models are under the Haval brand . One of them is called Harvard conceptH, This car is still in the concept stage . From the aspect of appearance design , This model is obviously a mainstream compact class SUV, And a large number of inherited Harvard's family design language , But the appearance is obviously much better than Harvard h6.

The front face of the new car adopts a more exaggerated big mouth in the net , And the interior is dot matrix chrome decoration , This kind of China open looks a bit like the new Ruihu 7, On both sides LED The matrix headlight light source is more narrow and long , and LED The sun light extends all the way under the front of the car , It forms a kind of effect of tusk headlamp , This design style coincides with brands such as Cadillac , When the lamp is on, it can form a pattern with high recognition , It can even be changed according to the driver's control .

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