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I'm in charge of driving Zhongtai tiger. Zhongtai: we're just porters of luxury cars!

2021-08-26 14:22:25 Oriental Information automobile

For domestic cars , Make complaints about most of the cars , The reason is that you all know , Many netizens make fun of Zhongtai : We don't make cars , We're just porters for luxury cars . Recently, there is a domestic version “ Range Rover ” Spy photos flow out , People don't have to think about it , I know it must be Zhongtai's masterpiece , Zhongtai named this car T900, Some netizens joked : Drive all the Thai tigers , I decide everything !

Conformity Tai T900 From your front face , Hexagonal air inlet grille is adopted, with a strong shape , Horizontal silver decoration is distributed inside , The headlamp is connected with the air inlet grille, which is very aggressive ; The body side is different from the range rover wheel hub , Xiaobian didn't find the difference between the two cars ; There is a stout chrome plated decoration at the rear of the body connected with the tail lamp , It has a good breakdown effect . There is nothing to say about the appearance , As aggressive as the range rover .

The overall interior upholstery is hard , It adopts the design language of connecting the central control screen and LCD instrument panel , The shift mode adopts knob shift , The overall feeling is quite advanced 、 luxury .

Body size , zhongtai T900 The length, width and height are respectively 4985*1995*1819mm, The wheelbase is 2997mm, Such a data performance is relatively satisfactory , Quite a bit “ The smell of the range rover ”. Such data brings a good spatial feeling , It can be seen from the spy photos , The performance of the whole space is very good . It is reported that , zhongtai T900 Five seat and seven seat versions will be launched at the same time , The space performance of the five seats is abundant , Seat seven is a little nervous .

Configuration is the highlight of domestic cars , It is reported that , zhongtai T900 The whole system is equipped as standard ESP Body stabilization system 、 Traction control system 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 Cruise control 、 Multi-function steering wheel 、 One click start and other configurations , The high configuration version will appear ACC Adaptive cruise 、 Zero tire pressure driving 、 Lane keep 、 More advanced configurations such as Lane Assist .

Power is what everyone cares about most , zhongtai T900 The low configuration version will be equipped with a 1.8T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 130KW, Maximum torque 245 Cattle meters ; High configuration version with 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 230KW, Maximum torque 350 Cattle meters . Power transmission , Will match one 8 Speed dual clutch transmission , The power output will be relatively stable .

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