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11639 people were affected by heavy rain in Mianxian County, Shaanxi Province, and more than 1000 cars were flooded in the urban area

2021-08-26 14:22:32 Beijing daily client

The reporter 22 It was learned from the official of Mianxian County, Shaanxi Province on the th ,21 solstice 22 Japan , Most of Mianxian county was hit by torrential rain , Maximum rainfall 237.7 mm , Maximum hourly rainfall 72.5 mm , It is the extreme value since the county has meteorological monitoring data . According to preliminary statistics , By 22 Japan 16 when , Whole county 11639 People suffer , The total direct economic loss is about 4.5 One hundred million yuan , The disaster situation is still under further verification .

Affected by the rainstorm , Mianxian city was seriously affected , orgasm 110 Water inlet of main control room of kV substation , Cause urban 21000 Household 6 Ten thousand people have difficulty in power supply ; The main cable and machine room of the county water supply company were soaked , Two thirds of the city's residents are about 6 Ten thousand people have difficulty in water supply , It is difficult to resume normal production in a short time ; Breach of Xizhai section of north trunk canal of Hanhui canal 15 rice , The water flows into the urban area through farmland , In addition, the city itself suffered heavy rain , city proper 6 The main road has serious ponding , Deepest 60 Cm or so , More than a thousand cars were flooded .

People evacuated from rural areas of Mianxian county 1393 Household 4070 people , Affected area of crops 1146.04 ha ; Serious damage to the house 3 between , General damage to the house 415 between ;345 Tea shop section of national highway 、 Mianchang road and other roads are interrupted , Many traffic jams ; Mianyang sub district office 、 Wuhou town 、 Changgouhe town 、 Lacquer tree dam town 、 Xinpu town is out of order , orgasm 、 Chenguang substation power failure , total 24 The line is out of power ; Water conservancy facilities are damaged 20 It's about . Changgouhe town was seriously affected , Electricity throughout the town 、 Communication interruption ; Some people's houses 、 Town authority 、 The police station is flooded , The road is badly damaged 、 Landslides occurred in many mountains .

21 Japan , Mianxian organization 3000 More than county, town and village cadres , For geological hazard points 、 Reservoir pond 、 Dangerous section of river embankment 、 Low lying areas 、 Adobe house 、 High and steep slopes and other dangerous areas shall be inspected one by one , Eliminate all kinds of dangerous situations in time .21 Japan 22 when , The county defense finger started Mianxian II Level I flood control emergency response , The whole county has entered a state of emergency disaster prevention , All departments at all levels adhere to 24 Hour emergency duty , Well informed information , Ensure smooth upload and release of rain, flood and disaster information , Timely forecast and early warning , Tight defense .

In order to ensure the normal life of the affected people 、 Emotional stability , The county has developed a water supply restoration plan , Quick start 4 A standby water well , focus 15 A water delivery vehicle temporarily solves the problem of people's domestic water , Actively contact surrounding counties and cities to reinforce motor water supply vehicles 20 car , Basically meet the people's domestic water demand ; Organize emergency repair of power supply lines , Arrange emergency power supply vehicle for temporary power supply , expect 23 He recovered in the morning 90% Power off Households .

Up to now , All disaster victims in Mianxian county were relocated , Disaster investigation and relief work was carried out in an orderly manner , The waterlogging in the county has gradually subsided , County wide transportation 、 Electric power 、 Communication is being repaired and restored .

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