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There are puddles on the roof. The waterproof layer is covered with grass. Why can't the public Viking move

2021-08-26 14:27:01 Beijing daily client

“ Every time it rains , The house is ticking and leaking . Rainwater flows in through the gap between the drain and the roof , You can pick up two bags of water with plastic bags in half a day .” Looking at the continuous water marks and falling wall skins from the living room to the balcony , Ms. sun is full of anxiety . In the past two years , Dozens of residents living in Xinkang home are like Ms. sun's house , There is frequent rain leakage in the house . in the meantime , Some owners even repair the roof waterproof layer at their own expense , However, due to the general aging of the waterproof layer on the roof , It is difficult to completely solve the problem of rain leakage only by personal minor repair . What puzzles the owner is , As early as 2019 In, Ronghua Street coordinated the Construction Bureau of the development zone 、 The property company and the owner's representative hold a meeting , It is planned to use the public maintenance fund to overhaul the waterproof layer of the roof and side wall of the building , But until now, no substantive progress has been made on this issue .

Because the roof leaks heavily , Residents were forced to shift chandeliers and change wires to open wires .

Due to the serious rain leakage , Residents' second bedrooms are no longer habitable .


Both the top and non top floors are leaking   Water seepage also causes electric leakage accidents

Xinkangjiayuan community is located in the first lane of Tianhua garden, Kehui Avenue ,12 This residential building lives near 1400 Household residents .“ In recent years, the problem of rain leakage has occurred frequently in residents' homes , More and more serious , And the leakage of rain doesn't just happen in the top-level residents' homes , Some people leak badly at the top floor .” Resident Ms. sun is very worried .

8 month 14 On the afternoon of Sunday , When the reporter arrived at the north gate of the community , Several residents have been waiting here .“ Some time ago, it rained several times in a row , Many of our residents' homes have repeatedly leaked rain , The rain leakage point on the roof of some homes is only a few centimeters away from the electric light , It's too dangerous , Come and see it .” One resident said .

Live at home 5 Ms. Duan from building No , Not long after moving here, there was a leak of rain . Although every time I report for repair , The property management company will send people to check , However, minor repairs are difficult to fundamentally solve the problem . Later , The point of rain leakage almost crosses the whole secondary bedroom along the floor , The second bedroom originally planned for the elderly can only be covered with plastic cloth , Change to a storage room to use .

Reporters noted that , Ms. Duan's home is not on the top floor of the building , But the house was plagued by rain leakage .“ At first, when water seepage occurs at the roof and balcony windowsill , I asked someone to repair the wall of the house . But then the problem of rain leakage became more and more serious , As long as it rains heavily, the whole roof will drip .” Ms. Duan said , To find out where the rain comes from , She reported to the property for repair .“ The property master went out through the second bedroom window and said , Maybe there is a problem with the waterproof of the outer wall .”

Ms. Duan's family is not the only one affected by this problem . In Ms. Duan's downstairs neighbor's home, the reporter saw , The second bedroom in the same direction of the household also has the problem of rain leakage , The leaking point also almost crosses the whole room .“ The second bedroom is usually occupied by children with children , For fear of electric leakage caused by rain , We have long been afraid to use the lights on the roof . In order to reduce the impact of rain leakage , Besides taking a basin to catch water , A few more diapers for children will be pasted on the roof .” The resident told reporters .

Mr. Yan, the owner, said , Due to the serious rain leakage in the house , Many lamps in the home have been short circuited during use . So , He had to 2016 In, he repaved the waterproof layer on his roof at his own expense , And change the indoor circuit from dark line to open line . At Mr. Yan's house, the reporter saw , The traces of water seepage extend all the way from the restaurant to the living room , The wire opening reserved for lighting at the roof of the two houses has been abandoned , Open trunking made of plastic materials crisscross the house , And finally gathered in a socket in the living room .“ Now the lighting circuit in the house is controlled by this socket , If there is a serious rain leak in the house , Just cut off the power directly through the socket , Prevent lighting short circuit .” Mr. Yan said , Even with all kinds of means , Nowadays, it is still very difficult to completely solve the problem of rain leakage .“ The rainwater inlet on the roof of this unit is located above my balcony , When it rains, the rain on the whole roof will gather here . So even if I resurfaced the waterproof of the roof , Rainwater will still seep into the floor along other aging and cracking places, and then flow to my house .”

Xinkang home 17 On the roof of building , The waterproof layer is seriously damaged and even green plants have grown .

A large puddle with a diameter of thirty or forty centimeters appeared on the roof , It's full of rain .


The roof is badly damaged   The waterproof layer is long with weeds

The owner of Xinkang home told reporters , The community is only past the last overhaul of the waterproof layer 6 Year time , From the fourth year after the overhaul , Many residents often have the problem of rain leakage ,“ What was the quality of the original project , You also need to draw a big question mark ”.

In order to find out how the roof waterproof layer is now , The reporter followed the residents to the community 17 View the roof of Building No . Although after listening to the residents , The reporter has long been psychologically prepared for the waterproof layer on the roof of the community , But push open the rooftop door , The scene is still shocking : Many gray skins on the roof and ground have cracked and fallen off , Rust colored waterproof layer and thermal insulation layer are exposed , It makes the whole roof show the scene of interlacing two colors . Not far from the gate , Two large pits with a diameter of about thirty or forty centimeters appeared on the ground of the roof , There is also a lot of rain in it , Tread lightly with your feet , The rain in the pit goes straight out . Go all the way along the roof , The reporter saw that nearly half of the roof skin fell off at the scene , The material inside swells up after absorbing water , Make the roof pitted and uneven . Step on it , From my feet “ rustle ” The sound of , After lifting the feet, complete shoe prints will be left on the ground .

Along the way , The reporter saw the whole 17 The roof of building is badly damaged , There are a lot of peeling skin piled up in some corners , The surrounding fence has also been rusty . The insulation layer and waterproof layer exposed in many places are seriously aged , There have been palm sized pits , Some pits even grow weeds five or six centimeters high .

In order to find a solution to the problem together , Dozens of owners living on the top floor and non top floor who suffered from rain leakage built wechat groups .“ The house is leaking badly , But now we can only brush some waterproof paint on the outer wall first .” One owner said .“ There is a lot of water leaking from the balcony at home , The wooden floor was soaked up .” Another owner said he found a waterproof company to make waterproof again ,“ After finishing, I found , Simply repaving the waterproof layer on the roof of my house can't fundamentally solve the problem , Due to serious waterproof aging around , The rain will still pour into my house .”

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Why is it difficult to mention the public Viking   When will the problem of rain leakage be solved

The reporter learned that , In view of the rain leakage on the top floor of the community 、 Problems such as side wall rain leakage , The owner of xinkangjiayuan community has repeatedly reported to the relevant departments of the territory , Relevant departments have also held discussions for many times , But so far, it is still difficult to make substantive progress . So , The reporter wrote to ronghua sub district office , Interview the problems related to rain leakage in xinkangjiayuan community .

Street staff replied to reporters that , Previously, there were 6 building 866 Household residents , On 2014 In, the special residential maintenance fund was launched under the organization of the original property and the original industry committee of the community ( Public maintenance funds ) Repair leaking houses . After maintenance, the vast majority of residents reported poor project quality , There is still water leakage on the roof . According to the street scene , The repair of that year has indeed been seriously damaged . According to statistics , At present, the leakage of houses in the community involves 93 Household residents , among 55 Hu Zengyu 2014 In, I used the special fund for housing repair .

Previously, the street coordination development and Construction Bureau 、 neighborhood committee 、 Property company 、 The owner's representative of the community has held communication meetings for many times , Urge the property management company to carry out emergency treatment of waterproof layer for leakage points , But the effect is not obvious , Can't cure the water leakage problem .

According to introducing , The street and the neighborhood committee were in 2019 Years and 2021 The original construction unit was interviewed in , Ask them to maintain the repaired house , However, the original construction unit failed to pay the balance of the project , Refuse maintenance ; meanwhile , According to the joint property company of community neighborhood committee 2019 The results of opinion solicitation in show that , Most owners also do not agree to pay the remaining amount to the original construction unit . Besides , The superior department has special residential maintenance funds in the community and the contract period has not expired , The use of special residential maintenance funds to repair houses is based on insufficient reasons , Denied the proposal to reuse special residential maintenance funds to repair leaking houses .

Ronghua Street means , The joint development and Construction Bureau , Continue to interview the original construction unit , Urge them to maintain the repaired house . The next step is to follow 《 Regulations of Beijing Municipality on property management 》 Relevant provisions of Article 6 , Cooperate with the development and Construction Bureau to guide the property company 、 The Property Management Committee , Start the special maintenance fund procedure for emergency residence , Repair the leaking houses that have not used the special residential maintenance funds before .

On this issue , Chen Fengshan, a community expert, also suggested , If the waterproof roof of the community is seriously aged , In order to use the special residential maintenance funds as soon as possible , Repair leaking houses , The street and district competent departments may organize the current property of the community to negotiate with the original construction unit on the termination of the contract , Terminate the rights and obligations of both parties , The involved parties shall be informed of the negotiation and specific terms 6 Residents of this building .“ If most residents in the building agree to terminate the contract with the original construction unit according to the negotiation terms , Then the original contract is terminated . In this case , It will be possible for residents and community properties to re apply for the use of special residential maintenance funds .”

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