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200 phone calls in one hour finally stopped the remittance, and the victim burst into tears when he saw the real police

2021-08-26 14:27:05 Beijing daily client

police 1 Hours of continuous shouting 200 A phone call , Finally, I dialed the victim Ms. Wang's phone in the interval when the fraud phone dropped , Stop her from going to the bank as instructed by the liar “ Cooperate with the police ”, The victim who finally avoided the loss could not help shaking his hands , one 's eyes run over with tears .

Resident Ms. Wang sent the banner to Ganjiakou police station of Haidian public security branch this month . It happened at the end of last month , Ganjiakou police station received an early warning from Haidian District anti telecom network fraud center , Said a crowd in the jurisdiction is suspected to be suffering from Telecom fraud . The police station and the anti fraud center keep calling the owner , And contacted her relatives in many ways , Let's join the ranks of intercepting Telecom fraud .

The victim is being brainwashed by a liar , The phone is always on the phone . The police couldn't contact the victim , In the principle of never giving up , Use multiple different numbers to dial continuously . After more than an hour of trying , The police finally hung up the phone between the victims , Dialed the phone in .

“ I'm from Ganjiakou police station . The fraud call you answered just now , Don't believe it , Do not transfer or remit money !” As soon as the phone gets through , The police immediately identified themselves , And asked the victim on the phone not to trust the liar , Do not make remittance or transfer . Follow the tips of the police , The victim drove to Ganjiakou police station . After seeing the police , Trembling hands , one 's eyes run over with tears .“ So this is the real police !”

original , When Ms. Tian Wang was out, she suddenly received a call calling herself “ bureau of public security ” The phone . The other party said her ID card was suspected of money laundering and other illegal activities , Ask her to find a place where there is no one to cooperate “ Police work ”. Ms. Wang followed the liar's request , Step by step “ Cooperate with the investigation ”, Fell into the trap of a liar . When Ms. Wang was preparing to go to the bank at the request of criminals , The phone is off , The police just dialed in , This avoids the loss .

The police analyzed the fraud routine in detail to Ms. Wang , And carried out other types of anti fraud propaganda against her . Ms Wang said , I will share my personal experience with my relatives and friends in the future , Join the anti fraud propaganda team .

Police tip : The police will not handle cases by telephone , What's more, it doesn't matter “ Security accounts ” and “ Fund inquiry ”, I don't care if you want a bank card 、 Random code and other personal information .96110 It is a special number for Beijing anti telecom network fraud , Please answer in time .

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