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The oil price may have the biggest drop this year, and it costs 11 yuan less to fill a box

2021-08-26 14:27:11 Beijing daily client

8 month 23 Japan 24 when , A new round of price adjustment window for domestic refined oil will open . Many agencies predict that , The retail price of refined oil is facing the third reduction in this year , And the high probability is 2021 The biggest drop since .

In this pricing cycle , International oil prices rose first and then fell . By 8 month 21 It closed early in the morning , The New York Mercantile Exchange 9 The price of light crude oil futures for monthly delivery fell 1.37 dollar , Close to a barrel 62.32 dollar , Decline is 2.15%;10 London Brent crude oil futures for monthly delivery fell 1.27 dollar , Close to a barrel 65.18 dollar , Decline is 1.91%. since 8 month 12 Since then , International crude oil futures prices have been rising continuously 7 Days down .

Zhuo Chuang information analyst Xu Na pointed out , At the beginning of this pricing period , The decline of U.S. crude oil inventory and gasoline inventory gave a short boost to the market , International oil prices are still rising . Not for long , The delta mutation virus and the global economic slowdown have an adverse impact on the market demand outlook , And the supply outlook is also bad for the oil market , International oil prices began to fall .

With the continuous decline of international crude oil futures prices , The expectation of lowering the retail price of domestic refined oil is expanding . Many domestic institutions generally expect ,8 month 23 Japan 24 The retail price limit of refined oil will be lowered 220 element / tons .

among , Jin Lianchuang analyst Wang Shan pointed out , By 8 month 20 The ninth working day of the day , The average price of reference crude oil is 69.29 dollar / bucket , The rate of change is -4.95%, The corresponding domestic retail price of gasoline and diesel should be reduced 225 element / Tons of . Wang Shan also said , Affected by inertia , The expected reduction in retail prices is still likely to increase further .

Reporters noted that ,2021 Since, domestic refined oil has been 15 Round price adjustment , The total increase in gasoline prices 1375 element / Tons of , The price of diesel oil has increased in total 1325 element / Tons of , present “ Ten up, two down, three stranded ” Pattern . If this round of downward adjustment is expected to achieve , Will present “ Ten up, three down and three stranded ” pattern .

For private car owners , After the current round of downward adjustment is implemented , The cost of oil will drop significantly . Wang Shan pointed out , Reduce by per ton 230 element / In tons . Gasoline , One fuel tank has a capacity of 60 The number of litres of private cars filled with a tank of oil will be less than that in the previous cycle 11 About yuan .

Besides , Liu bingjuan, an analyst at Longzhong information, mentioned , The retail price of gasoline in private gas stations is much lower than that in main gas stations 0.4-0.6 element / l , During the activities of some sites, the preferential strength can reach 1-1.3 element / l .

Looking ahead , Wang Shan thinks , Crude oil has experienced a sustained sharp decline , Oil prices may seek support , It is expected that crude oil will have a bottoming process , Short term or gradual stabilization shock . Liu bingjuan thinks , If the global epidemic does not improve significantly , Economic and demand concerns continue , It is expected that the next round of oil product price adjustment will have a high probability of lowering .

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