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Dongfeng Nissan "Qichen big V" will appear in Chengdu auto show

2021-08-26 14:31:45 Netease automotive industry

( The original title : The layout of the younger market is an important step , Dongfeng Nissan “ Kai Chen Da V” Will appear in Chengdu auto show )

8 month 20 Japan , dongfeng nissan Deputy general manager of Automobile Sales Co., Ltd 、 Zhang Jihui, deputy general director of Qichen business headquarters of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger car company, was at “ The power of youth  V You come ” As the theme of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen New car tasting Guangzhou station announced , It is positioned as “ The power of youth SUV” The new car , Through co creation of the whole network , The final name is “ Kai Chen Da V” And open the whole network blind subscription .

Reporters learned ,8 month 29 Japan ,“ Kai Chen Da V“ It will be officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show and open for pre-sale . As a social product for Dongfeng Nissan Qichen to talk to young people ,“ Kai Chen Da V” It not only enriches the product matrix of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen , It is also an important step in its layout of the younger market .

This is a for young and ZAO Trendy travel pieces

Reporters learned , This is for “ Young taste forerunner ” Trendy travel pieces launched , The young car making team of Dongfeng Nissan was used for the first time “V  Force Creator ” For the sake of youth ZAO, It has a more handsome appearance 、 More dazzling Technology 、 Better experience to meet the travel and aesthetic needs of the younger generation in an all-round way .

according to the understanding of , With 8 At the beginning of the month, the new car first appeared , Its young, trendy and powerful appearance quickly gains the love and attention of many young people .8 month 13 Japan , Dongfeng Nissan Qichen launched in the whole network “ A word of gold Name the young ” New car name campaign , Give the naming right of new cars to young consumers . Just a week , share 4000 Many netizens participated in it , Emerge as “ Tianshu ”“ Star yao ” Such as more than 1000 A name . Final , Representing a young attitude “ Kai Chen Da V” Stand out from the crowd , Officially become the model name .

What is big V? In official words , The combination of people and vehicles , That is to say “ Big V“. It is reported that ,“ Kai Chen Da V” For the younger generation , Whether in their own career, interests and circles , Can find their own style , Do the utmost, love , Be your own big V. In other words ,“ Big V” Not just cars , What's more, it's the wonderful car “ Big V” life .

1.7㎡ Ultra wide angle light perception sky curtain , Become “ Level of appearance ” pluses

Facing the younger generation “ Beauty is justice , Pay if you like ” Personality , Dongfeng Nissan “ Kai Chen Da V” The appearance adopts high wind design , With personality 、 The dynamic 、 Avant garde aesthetic cool point , Satisfy “ See the face ” demand . Especially the use of peer leading 1.7㎡ Ultra wide angle light perception sky curtain , Brought about by the 1.16㎡ Large light transmission area , It not only improves the overall beauty , It also solves the depression of the user's head space .

meanwhile ,“ Kai Chen Da V” Have a peer leading 1917mm Vehicle width , Create comparable luxury SUV Aspect ratio 1.18, Ultra wide body dynamic body , Create a cross-border sports style without losing the mainstream . Highly recognizable multidimensional crystal matrix LED headlight , Blend with the front grille , While widening the visual width , It can present multi-level high-grade texture .

Besides , Full streamline radian design from the side profile , To the wind carved sharp waist line running through the body , Even arrow feather sharp motor car tail design , All make the overall shape of the new car look fashionable 、 Chao Xuan .

interiors ,“ Kai Chen Da V” Using intelligent cockpit design , The overall style is simple and smooth , The utility model relates to an integrated instrument panel composed of a liquid crystal instrument panel and a large central control screen 24 Inch screen , A sense of technology , Easier to use .64 Color Aurora atmosphere lamp , Color and color can be adjusted according to personal preference 6 Intelligent mode adjustment , The atmosphere in the car moves at will . It is equipped with zero gravity surround seats , Racing style one-piece design , It improves the sense of movement , While releasing the desire to drive , continue “ Nissan sofa ” advantage , It can effectively relieve the fatigue of long-time riding .

qichen V-Link Blessing of nebula smart link system , Make the driving experience more safe

As the first model of Dongfeng Nissan “ The power of youth SUV”,“ Kai Chen Da V” It is the coordinated development of dual brands 、 Shared resources 、 technology 、 The product of team and other efforts . Thanks to Dongfeng Nissan million level system and quality assurance , And powerful Renault - nissan - Mitsubishi Alliance Technology blessing ,“ Kai Chen Da V” With the help of 1.5T High efficiency engine + The high quality 7DCT Transmission power combination , The maximum power rise at the same level is realized 93.3kw/L And a hundred kilometers ahead at the same level 8.8s Speed up . At the same time carrying V-Power Alliance power system , It is also bound to bring a better driving experience .

In terms of intelligence ,“ Kai Chen Da V” Qichen is adopted V-Link Nebula smart link system , Its latest generation of humanization following the design trend UI&UX Design , Provide users with 3 Two high color value modes can be switched at will , Visual function design is more intuitive and easy to understand , Comprehensively improve driving safety .

According to introducing ,V2X All things connected , It can easily realize automobile 、 Home Furnishing 、 Seamless connection of mobile phone , Create a smart car life anytime, anywhere . Full time intelligent navigation system , Easy to operate . Support at the same time OTA upgrade , Massive information is updated at any time . Besides ,“ Kai Chen Da V” It can also realize personalized intelligent voice interaction 、 Massive on-board online services 、One ID Personalized account and other intelligent operations , Let the user “ wisdom ” Enjoy travel .

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