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Automotive data security management needs to be standardized. Experts interpret it like this

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( The original title : Automobile data security management needs to be standardized , The Fifth Department did it ! Experts interpret this )

With the increasing popularity of intelligent networked vehicles , Data security and privacy disclosure have become new trends in the automotive field “ Risk point ”. How to clarify the responsibilities and obligations of automobile data processor , Standardizing automobile data processing activities has become an urgent task in the development of intelligent networked automobile . Now , New regulations for automobile data security management .

recently , National Internet Information Office 、 National development and reform commission 、 Ministry of industry and information technology 、 The Ministry of Public Security 、 Jointly issued by the Ministry of transport 《 Several regulations on vehicle data security management ( On a trial basis )》( hereinafter referred to as 《 Regulations 》), since 2021 year 10 month 1 The effective date . National Internet Information Office official said , a 《 Regulations 》 It aims to standardize automobile data processing activities , Protect the individual 、 The legitimate rights and interests of the organization , Safeguard national security and social public interests , Promote the rational development and utilization of automobile data .

“ The ecological environment of intelligent networked vehicles is different from that of traditional vehicles and electric vehicles , Intelligence and networking should be based on functional security 、 Information security 、 Data security 、 The Internet 、 Based on big data , Without these aspects of security , Compared with traditional vehicles, intelligent networked vehicles , There is no progress and convenience . therefore , From the ecological environment 、 From an ecosystem perspective .” Yang Shengbing, associate professor of automotive College of Wuhan University of technology, is accepting 《 The daily economic news 》 The reporter said in an interview .

It is worth noting that ,《 Regulations 》 Concepts such as car data and personal information are clearly defined in : Automotive data refers to automotive design 、 production 、 sales 、 Use 、 Personal information data and important data involved in operation and maintenance ; Automobile data processing , Including the collection of automobile data 、 Storage 、 Use 、 machining 、 transmission 、 Provide 、 Open, etc , It involves the whole life cycle of automobile data processing . Besides ,《 Regulations 》 It also further defines the personal information in the car data 、 Sensitive personal information 、 Meaning and type of important data and vehicle data processor .

meanwhile ,《 Regulations 》 Advocate that automobile data processors adhere to the principle of “ In vehicle treatment ”、“ No collection by default ”、“ The accuracy range is applicable to ”、“ Desensitization treatment ” Equal principle , Reduce disorderly collection and illegal abuse of vehicle data , Encourage the rational and effective use of automobile data according to law , Promote the healthy and orderly development of the automobile industry .

“ Most of the time, users agree to the behavior of collecting information from smart cars by default , This seems to be something we are used to . But it's not safe , It infringes on the user's personal privacy . such as tesla Previously, some personal information of drivers was publicly released to show the status and behavior of drivers in the process of vehicle use , This is actually illegal .” Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the national passenger vehicle market information Federation, thinks , Face key 、Face ID、 Driver fatigue monitoring and other technologies have been applied on the ground in automobiles . These technologies have improved the user experience and driving safety to a certain extent , But at the same time, the user's data security is also challenged .

Responsibilities and obligations for automotive data processors ,《 Regulations 》 clear , The automobile data processor shall fulfill the responsibility of personal information protection , Fully protect personal information security and legitimate rights and interests . Carry out personal information processing activities , The vehicle data processor shall inform the relevant personal information in a significant way , Obtain personal consent or comply with the law 、 Other circumstances stipulated by administrative regulations . Handling sensitive personal information , The vehicle data processor should also obtain individual consent , Meet the limited processing purpose 、 Prompt collection status 、 Specific requirements such as termination of collection or compliance with laws 、 Other requirements such as administrative regulations and mandatory national standards . Vehicle data processor has the purpose and sufficient necessity to enhance driving safety , To collect fingerprints 、 A voiceprint 、 Face 、 Biometric information such as heart rhythm .

Besides ,《 Regulations 》 emphasize , Automobile data processors carry out important data processing activities , It shall comply with the provisions on storage in China according to law , Strengthen the security protection of important data ; Implement the requirements of risk assessment report system , Actively guard against data security risks ; Implement the requirements of the annual report system , Timely and actively submit the annual vehicle data safety management . It is really necessary to provide important data overseas due to business needs , The vehicle data processor shall implement the requirements of the data exit safety assessment system , It is not allowed to provide important data abroad in violation of the exit safety assessment conclusion , And report relevant information in the annual report .

in fact , since this year on , Relevant management regulations on automobile data safety have been issued one after another . before 《 Intelligent network connected vehicle road test and demonstration application management specification ( On a trial basis )》 Release , follow-up 《 Opinions on strengthening the management of intelligent networked automobile production enterprises and product access 》 a , Intended to enhance vehicle data security 、 Network security 、 Software upgrade 、 Functional safety and expected functional safety management , With special emphasis on The Chinese Personal information and important data collected and generated during operations within the territory of the people's Republic of China shall be stored in the territory in accordance with relevant laws and regulations .

Guosen Securities analysts believe that , At present, the policy level pays unprecedented attention to network security , Data has become a core factor of production . Various types IT The network of the system 、 Data and other information security review and investment are expected to achieve qualitative improvement .

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