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The IPO of 30 enterprises on the gem was suspended, and BYD semiconductor was also "recruited"

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BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as BYD semiconductor ) Closer and closer to the spin off listing, it was pressed “ Pause key ”.

8 month 18 Japan , The gem issuance and listing audit information disclosure website shows , BYD semiconductor IPO The audit status changes to abort . The reason is that the issuer's lawyer Beijing City day element Law firm ( Hereinafter referred to as Tianyuan law firm ) Filed for investigation by China Securities Regulatory Commission , according to 《 Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem stock issuance and listing audit rules 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 The rules 》) Relevant provisions of Article 64 , Shenzhen Stock Exchange suspended the audit of BYD semiconductor's issuance and listing .

picture source : Gem issuance and listing audit information disclosure website

8 month 22 Japan , BYD semiconductor related people are accepting 《 The daily economic news 》 The reporter said in an interview , this IPO Process termination , Because the law firm hired by the company has problems , It has nothing to do with the company's own development , For the time being, it will not have any impact on the listing of BYD semiconductor , The company accelerated the review work .

BYD : Speed up the review , Apply for restoration as soon as possible

BYD semiconductor's listing procedure was suspended on the basis of 《 The rules 》 Article 64 scenario 2 : The sponsor or signature representative of the issuer 、 Securities service agencies or relevant signatories are listed due to initial public offering 、 A listed company issues securities 、 M & a business is suspected of violating laws and regulations , Or other businesses are suspected of violating laws and regulations and have a significant impact on the market , It is being filed for investigation by China Securities Regulatory Commission , Or being investigated by the judiciary , It's not closed yet .

According to the relevant staff of BYD ,“ This suspension IPO process , It is only routinely terminated according to the Listing Rules of the CSRC .” follow-up , The company will promote some review related work reports as soon as possible , Then apply for restoration as soon as possible IPO to examine .

Qixinbao data display , BYD semiconductor was formerly known as Shenzhen BYD Microelectronics Co., Ltd , The registered capital is about 3 One hundred million yuan , And in 2020 year 1 month 21 Update the company name , Same year 4 The reorganization will be completed in June , Its main business covers power semiconductors 、 Intelligent control IC、 Research and development of intelligent sensors and optoelectronic semiconductors 、 Integrated operation of production and sales, the whole industrial chain . And vehicle regulation level IGBT( Insulated gate bipolar transistor ) Core technology is the core business of BYD semiconductor .

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2020 year 4 month 15 Japan , BYD announced , BYD semiconductor is looking for an appropriate time to go public independently . From here on , BYD semiconductor started the process of external financing and accelerated the pace of split listing .

This year, 5 month 11 Sunday night , BYD (00259.SZ) Announce , Publish the plan for BYD semiconductor to be listed on the gem ;6 month 29 Japan , BYD semiconductor gem spin off application was accepted by Shenzhen Stock Exchange ;7 month 25 Japan , BYD semiconductor completes the inquiry .“ After this spin off , Listed companies and other subordinate enterprises will continue to concentrate resources on developing businesses other than BYD semiconductor's main business , It helps the company highlight its main business 、 Increase independence .” BYD said , After the spin off , BYD semiconductor will focus on vehicle specification semiconductor , Simultaneously promote industrial development 、 Home appliance 、 New energy 、 Semiconductor business development in consumer electronics and other fields .

The person in charge said , Some follow-up progress on the listing of BYD semiconductor , You need to see the public information of GEM Listing audit .

Dozens of enterprises IPO The process is suspended

It is worth noting that , This round was aborted IPO BYD semiconductor is not the only one in the application process . Disclosure of information , By 8 month 20 Japan , share 41 Home gem and science and Technology Innovation Board IPO The audit group of the applicant enterprise enters the suspended state . among ,8 month 18 Sunday night ,30 The audit status of companies to be listed on GEM has been collectively changed to suspended .

It is reported that , This was suspended IPO Among the enterprises applying for review , Most of them are affected by the fact that their intermediaries are filed for investigation by the CSRC . however , Wang Jiyue, a senior investor, also said , These suspended IPO The project need not worry too much , Review after suspension, and move forward normally if there is no problem IPO.

The above relevant person in charge also said , The suspension will not have any impact on BYD semiconductor's listing .

according to the understanding of , The intermediaries investigated by the CSRC this time except Tianyuan law firm , Hualong Securities Co., Ltd 、 ZTE Caiguanghua Certified Public Accountants 、 Kaiyuan Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd .

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Public sources say ,4 An intermediary agency was put on file for investigation 、30 A company to be listed on the gem suspended its audit , It all comes from the investigation of Xinpi's violation of laws and regulations in Lanshan technology, a company listed on the new third board .

Qixinbao data display , Blue Mountain technology was founded in 2005 year , Mainly engaged in optical fiber transceiver 、IP Switch 、 Research and development of optical transceiver 、 Production and marketing . The company 2014 year 6 New third board of listing .

2020 year 12 month 2 Japan , China Securities Regulatory Commission circular , Blue Mountain technology is suspected of illegal information disclosure in the process of applying for public offering to unspecified qualified investors and listing at the selected layer . The above four intermediaries hired by the company in the process of listing at the selected layer were filed for investigation by the CSRC , It is the further accountability of the regulators . According to the relevant regulations , The ongoing projects of four intermediaries, including Tianyuan law firm, have been affected , BYD semiconductor is one of them .

For suspension due to the above reasons IPO The enterprise applying ,《 The rules 》 Article 65 also makes it clear that , The issuer needs to change the sponsor or securities service institution according to the regulations , The replaced sponsor or securities service institution shall complete due diligence within three months from the date of suspension of examination , Reissue relevant documents , And to the original sponsor or securities service institution Review the documents , Issue review opinions , Explain the difference .

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