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Zongmu technology helps the rise of intelligent level of China's independent auto enterprises

2021-08-26 14:32:39 Netease automotive industry

8 month 19 Japan -22 Japan ,2021i-VISTA Autopilot challenge (i-VISTAGrandChallenge) Start in Chongqing . The data shows ,i-VISTA The autopilot challenge is not only one of the most important events of the intelligent Expo. , At the same time, it is also an authoritative event in the application field of automatic driving technology in the world , It is a professional event in the field of intelligent vehicles , Firmly attract the whole vehicle factory 、 Intelligent automobile technology enterprise 、 The attention of people from all walks of life such as automobile experts and fans .

《 Securities daily 》 The reporter learned that , Current i-VISTA Autopilot challenge ADAS Auxiliary driving system challenge (AEB/APS)、 The strongest car brain challenge 、 Commercialization process challenge 、 Virtual simulation challenge and low-speed unmanned driving challenge are composed of five events . The environment identification of autopilot vehicle in real scene is mainly done. 、 Decision analysis 、 Test and evaluate the control execution ability .

among ,ADAS The auxiliary driving system challenge is known as i-VISTA Autopilot challenge “ Popular king ”, Current ADAS The challenge is the world's first automatic intelligent driving competition that consumers can participate in , To test the common application of mass production models on sale AEB、APS Advanced and reliable system .

stay APS Automatic parking link , Combined with CNAC research 3000 Data analysis of parking spaces in multiple parking lots , Vertical parking spaces will be set in this event 、 Parallel parking space 、 Oblique parking space 3 A scenario , Full score for each scene 50 branch , The evaluation of parking conditions of vertical square column parking space is added . especially , In the investigation of autonomous parking in vertical parking space , The parking space width setting is only 2.1 rice , It also limits the width and length of the vehicle , The requirements for automatic parking technology are very strict .

stay APS In the automatic parking event , changan automobile UNI-T2021 paragraph 、 Xiao peng P72021 paragraph 、2021 paragraph BMW geely borui Parameters picture )GE2020 paragraph 、 Wei to EC62020 paragraph 、2015 Premium faw The public 、 Ideal one2020 paragraph 、 audi Q8、 tesla ModelX And other models participated in the function competition . Final , After a fierce competition , Changan automobile UNI-T2021 paragraph 、 Jianghuai Automobile Si Hao QX2021 paragraph 、 Xiao peng P72021 Payment is obtained separately APS Top three in the event .

It is worth mentioning that ,APS Top two in the event changan UNI-T2021 Jianghuai Sihao QX2021 All models are equipped with smart parking products of Zongmu technology , It won the crown among the latest mass production models of many new car manufacturers including Tesla and joint venture car enterprises , This represents the strong rise of the intelligent level of China's independent auto enterprises . Besides , stay AEB Automatic emergency braking event , Ideal one2020 This model ranks first , This model also uses vertical technology 360AVM Look around technology .

Zongmu technology is China's leading automatic intelligent driving (AD) And advanced driving assistance (ADAS) Technology and product suppliers , It has formed a complete industrial chain from basic R & D to mass production and application . In terms of autonomous parking , Vertical technology provision 360 Look around AVM、 Automatic parking APA、 Memory parking HPP、 Valet parking AVP And other automatic parking products , Cover L0~L4 Level autonomous parking scenario . what's more , Zongmu technology has the production and manufacturing capacity of vehicle specification level , It has successfully entered the supplier list of domestic mainstream main engine manufacturers , And directly supply the main engine factory .

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