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U.S. auto companies encounter "pain" in the development of new energy vehicles

2021-08-26 14:32:48 Netease automotive industry

( The original title : The general battery caught fire and was recalled three times Tesla autopilot was severely investigated American car companies encounter the development of new energy vehicles “ Labor pains ”)

In recent days, , National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) With tesla Autopilot system “ It is difficult to identify emergency vehicles parked on the roadside ”, So as to start a formal investigation on the ground of causing a traffic accident . The news , Tesla shares fell in response . By 8 month 19 Closed yesterday , Tesla shares fell to 673.47 beautiful element / stocks , The market value evaporated about 433 Billion dollars ( renminbi 2815 One hundred million yuan ).

Almost at the same time , General Motors launched a recall statement , Recall nearly to the world 6.9 Thousands of cars Chevrolet Bolt Pure electric vehicles , The owner is required to go to the Chevrolet dealer certified by electrification to replace all battery modules . General Motors announced that , Users are advised not to consume the battery too low , And don't charge all night . It is worth mentioning that ,Bolt The model uses Korean suppliers LG Chemically produced batteries , This is the third recall of the model in the United States , The reason for the three recalls was the battery fire .

in fact , Recently, the US government issued an executive order , Zero emission vehicles have been established (zero-emissionvehicles)—— Blade Electric Vehicles 、 Plug in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles , To be in 2030 Half of all new passenger cars sold in .“ The penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the United States is only 4%, It's a very low level , Far lower than China , It is also lower than that of European developed countries . On this basis, the release of the zero emission vehicle sales plan is closely related to the promotion of the policy .” Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the national passenger car market information joint committee, told 《 Securities daily 》 The reporter said , Europe is in 2019 In, the state was similar to that of the United States , but 2020 The sales of new energy vehicles in Europe rose rapidly in , That's why the United States is so radical .

“ Several major American auto companies have taken the lead in responding to , Have to re formulate new sales and production strategies .” Lin Shi, a Sina Financial columnist, said , Next stage , American car companies are bound to strive to make electric cars 、 Active transformation in infrastructure and battery technology . meanwhile , They also have to go through the development process of new energy vehicle industry , Brought about by technological innovation “ Labor pains ”.

Tesla's automatic driving was strictly investigated by the United States

In Tesla Autopilot( autopilot ) After repeated fatal and disabling accidents , American traffic safety authorities finally couldn't help it , Officially launch an investigation .

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said , since 2018 Since then , The Department has confirmed 11 Start with Tesla autopilot system or “ Traffic aware cruise control ”(TACC) System related crashes , The specific situation is that the first responder uses a flashlight 、 Flame cylinder 、 When illuminated arrow signs or cone-shaped hazard warning signs , Tesla ended up with emergency vehicles ( Like a police car 、 fire engine 、 Ambulance, etc ) Collide .

According to the 《 Securities daily 》 Reporters understand , The survey included 76.5 Thousands of cars , It almost covers Tesla's sales in the United States 2014 All vehicles after paragraph , Include ModelsY、X、S and 3 etc. . Some of the accidents identified in the NHTSA investigation , share 17 People were injured 、1 People have been killed .

Besides , The national highway traffic safety administration also said , Tesla's autopilot system is often misused by drivers , Including drunk driving and even sitting in the back seat when driving on the highway .

actually , Tesla is not the first time to accept a similar investigation . As early as last year 1 month , The national highway traffic safety administration on Tesla “ Runaway acceleration ”“ brake failure ” And other issues were investigated . Before , For a few individual cases , The U.S. Traffic Safety Commission once sent investigators , Cooperate with local law enforcement personnel to deal with . However, because the traffic safety committee has no administrative law enforcement power , It has also been calling on the national highway traffic safety administration to formulate clearer regulatory policies for advanced driving assistance technology . The traffic safety committee even blamed the national highway traffic safety administration last year , Lack of oversight of companies like Tesla , Indirectly lead to frequent accidents .

According to incomplete statistics of Journalists , since 2015 year 10 Month to date , The world involves Autopilot The accident has caused at least 6 People have been killed ( The United States 3 people , in 、 Japan 、 Norway 1 people ), The number of injuries caused is even more difficult to count .

Regarding this , Some insiders said , A small number of car brands represented by Tesla , Excessive publicity will be given to relevant driving assistance functions , Exaggerate its ability , Create a wrong understanding in the user's mind . Instead of making automatic driving technology make road traffic safer as people expect , Instead, it led to more accidents .

Because of the fire hazard, General Motors “ Three times a year ”

At the same time, the automatic driving system of Tesla has been criticized , General motors, another large American auto company , Also due to the potential fire risk of its electric vehicles equipped with batteries , Forced to recall nearly to the world 6.9 Ten thousand Chevrolets Bolt Pure electric vehicles , And plan to replace the battery template for the recalled vehicles .

It is reported that , The scope of this recall is 2017 - 2019 Chevrolet produced in BoltEV models . GM says , The power batteries of the vehicle are from Korean battery manufacturers LG Chemical production . at present , Battery supplier LG Chemistry determines , Not all recalled vehicles have problems , There must be two rare manufacturing defects in the same cell at the same time , There is a potential fire hazard .

《 Securities daily 》 The reporter learned that ,2020 year 11 month , GM recalled... For the first time 6.9 Thousands of cars 2017-2019 paragraph Bolt. The company says the above vehicles are easy to catch fire when they are nearly fully charged , So the fix is through software updates , Set the upper charging limit of the car battery to 90%.

Obviously, this disposal method can not reassure and satisfy car owners . So ,2021 year 4 month , GM released its second recall , Update the vehicle software again , The charging is released 90% Upper limit , And replace the defective battery module properly , Said it would be a permanent repair .

However, not long after the second recall , Universal Bolt Two more battery fires were reported , The vehicle in one of the accidents has just undergone a software upgrade . In this context , GM had to carry out the third test of this batch of models , That is, this recall . According to ge , The company has LG Chemical confirmation , The battery module used in this model has two manufacturing defects , And very “ rare ”, And hope this is the last recall of these models .

It can be seen that , The supply and industrial maturity of power lithium batteries in the United States need to be improved . According to the 《 Securities daily 》 Reporters do not complete statistics , At present, we have 93 This factory produces power lithium batteries for electric vehicles , The United States has only 4 home . In recent months , Including universal 、 ford and Stellantis Some carmakers, including , And some independent suppliers , It has announced plans to build a lithium-ion battery factory in the United States . But from the figures so far , The United States is still far behind in battery production capacity .

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