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BYD semiconductor suffered a sudden disaster and its teammates dragged down its listing

2021-08-26 14:36:24 Netease automotive industry

( The original title : blockbuster | BYD semiconductor suffered a sudden disaster , Teammates dragged down the listing and unexpectedly suspended )

In the context of the urgent shortage of chips , BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ BYD semiconductor ”) Favored by the capital market , The previous listing plan has been progressing smoothly , But now the listing progress has come to an abrupt end .

Today, , The first financial reporter checked the gem issuance and listing audit information disclosure website and found , Shenzhen Stock Exchange 8 month 18 The audit on the issuance and listing of BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was suspended .

The reason is that BYD semiconductor hired Beijing City day element The law firm was filed for investigation by the CSRC , according to 《 Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem stock issuance and listing audit rules 》( Hereinafter referred to as “ The rules ”) Relevant provisions of Article 64 , Shenzhen Stock Exchange suspended the audit of BYD semiconductor's issuance and listing .

according to “ The rules ”, Only when the relevant situation of Tianyuan law firm is eliminated , Or complete due diligence within three months , And inform the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in time , BYD semiconductor is likely to resume its listing qualification .

Today, , The first financial reporter asked BYD semiconductor media relations consultant to verify the relevant situation , But as of press time , The other party has not responded yet .

Since last year , BYD (002594.SZ) It has begun planning to list its wholly-owned subsidiary BYD semiconductor independently , And in 2020 year 4 month 14 Announced Wednesday , BYD semiconductor reorganizes and plans to introduce strategic investors . Then last year 5 month 26 Japan , BYD announced that , BYD semiconductor A Round of financing introduces Redwood Parameters picture ) Capital China Fund 、 CICC capital 、 SDIC innovation Redwood Capital, etc. 14 Well known investment institutions at home and abroad . The first round of financing , BYD semiconductor obtained 19 One hundred million yuan financing , This round 14 The total number of investors obtained about... After BYD semiconductor increased its capital and shares 20.12% equity . Less than 20 Days time , BYD semiconductor has quickly completed 8 One hundred million yuan A+ Round of funding , Introduce Korea SK The group 、 Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Fund 、 Zhaoyin International 、 Lenovo group LTD. 、 CITIC Industrial Fund 、 smic 、 SAIC production and investment 、 BAIC production and Investment Co., Ltd 、 Shenzhen Huaqiang et al 30 Strategic investors . This round of investors will get a total of BYD semiconductor after capital and share increase 7.84% equity . BYD semiconductor has completed two rounds in total 27 A hundred million yuan financing , Pre investment valuation RMB 75 One hundred million yuan , The overall valuation after investment has reached 102 One hundred million yuan .

BYD semiconductor mainly develops electric vehicles “CPU” It's a car gauge IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transisto, Insulated gate bipolar transistor ) And so on .IGBT It belongs to a kind of automotive power semiconductor , Due to the high design threshold 、 Manufacturing technology is difficult 、 Large investment , Known as the core technology of electric vehicles in the industry “ Mount Qomolangma ”.

before ,IGBT Core technology has long been dominated by foreign enterprises , BYD semiconductor has accumulated more than ten years of R & D and large-scale application of new energy vehicles , Become China's largest IDM Car gauge level IGBT manufacturer , The products cover the field of passenger cars and commercial vehicles , Break the rules of international giants IGBT Monopoly in the field . At the same time, BYD semiconductor is also the first in the world to SiC The module is applied to the semiconductor manufacturer of automobile main electronic control , Continuously improve the domestic independent controllability of electronic control core parts of new energy vehicles .

Since last year , Due to epidemic situation and other factors “ Chip shortage ” Spread all over the world , Chip companies are sought after by the capital market . Share prices in the semiconductor sector are rising , among , This year, 8 month 18 Japan , Semiconductor manufacturing company TSMC has surpassed Tencent again , Become the company with the highest market value in Asia's major securities markets .

In a good situation , BYD has efficiently completed its internal restructuring 、 Equity incentive 、 Introducing strategic investors, etc , Accelerate the work related to the listing of BYD semiconductor .2021 year 6 month 29 Japan , BYD semiconductor's gem listing application has been accepted . This year, 7 month 25 Japan , BYD semiconductor accepted the first round of inquiry .

However , The sudden , BYD semiconductor's listing was unexpectedly suspended . What the reporter has learned is , This is not caused by the enterprise itself , But by the law firm it hired .

BYD semiconductor's listing procedure was suspended on the basis of “ The rules ” Article 64 scenario 2 : The sponsor or signature representative of the issuer 、 Securities service agencies or relevant signatories are listed due to initial public offering 、 A listed company issues securities 、 M & a business is suspected of violating laws and regulations , Or other businesses are suspected of violating laws and regulations and have a significant impact on the market , It is being filed for investigation by China Securities Regulatory Commission .

in fact , This batch has 30 Home gem IPO The approval status of the enterprise under review is collectively changed to “ suspend ”, The institution under investigation is : Hualong securities 、 Tian Yuan Law Firm 、 Kaiyuan Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd 、 ZTE Caiguanghua Certified Public Accountants . And those affected by the investigation of Tianyuan law firm IPO Enterprises have 13 home , Including BYD semiconductor .

BYD semiconductor, which has been successfully promoting the listing process , But because “ be married to a bad husband ”, Let its listing road become twists and turns , Added some uncertainty .

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