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Faurecia acquires 60% equity of Haila“ The dilemma of "lack of core" escalates again

2021-08-26 14:36:28 Netease automotive industry

( The original title : The weekly newspaper of the world | Faurecia buys Hella 60% equity ;“ Core missing ” The dilemma escalates )

This week, , What big events have happened in the automotive industry at home and abroad ?

Faurecia buys Hella 60% shares , The world's seventh largest auto parts supplier was born

8 month 16 Japan , Faurecia and Hella both released the news , Make sure that Faurecia will pay per share 60 o element Buy Hella from the holding family at a price of 60% Shares of . meanwhile , Faurecia also announced a voluntary public tender offer , Per share 60 The price of the euro ( The total quotation is 60.96 euro , Including each Haila share 0.96 Expected dividend in euros ) Acquire the remaining shares of Hella . Global No 7 Big automotive technology suppliers were born .

It is reported that , The two companies will be established after the merger 6 Big business department , Automotive electronics 、 lighting 、 The seat 、 interior 、 Green action and wisdom , And the original after-sales business of Haila 、 The new life cycle value management business unit comes from the combination of special application business . In this transaction , Haila's total valuation is 67 Billions of euros , It can be said that Faurecia has implemented one of the largest mergers and acquisitions in recent years . As part of the deal , The joint shareholders of Haila will retain the listed parent company by means of reverse shareholding 9% Equity of .

Peerless comments : At present , The new four modernizations of automobile have come to the midfield , The major parts giants have launched a new round of offensive , Split 、 Integrate 、 Mergers and acquisitions will only become more frequent .

Malaysia's epidemic is out of control , The chip factory shut down , It has affected Bosch 、 Nissan, etc

8 month 17 Japan , According to Bosch ( China ) Executive vice president of Investment Co., Ltd President Xu Daquan revealed , Due to the serious epidemic in Malaysia , Malaysia of a semiconductor chip supplier Muar The factory closed a few weeks ago , Once again, the local government asked to close some production lines to 8 month 21 Japan , This will lead to Bosch ESP/IPB、VCU、TCU When the chip is directly affected , expect 8 In the following months, the power supply is basically cut off .

Screenshot of Xu Daquan's circle of friends

This is not the first time that the automotive industry has warned of the severe epidemic situation in Malaysia . Last week, foreign media reported that , A novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in a chip supplier factory in Malaysia , nissan The car also temporarily closed the production line of its large assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee , Until the end of the month . Nissan North America did not disclose the names of specific suppliers , But said the plant would 8 month 16 Day and 8 month 23 Stop production in the current week , Currently planned in 8 month 30 Restart the production line every day .

Peerless comments : before , The industry once agreed that the second quarter would be the most tense time for chip supply , Now it seems , This conclusion is still too optimistic .

The United States NHTSA Officially to Tesla Autopilot Open investigation , involve 76.5 Ten thousand vehicles

8 month 16 Japan , National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Express , After many accidents , They have been right tesla The driving aid system Autopilot Launch a formal security investigation .

tesla Model 3 Parameters picture ) Autopilot Introduction to automatic driving assistance system ( picture source : A screenshot of tesla's official website )

It said , since 2018 year 1 Since the month , The organization has made it clear that 11 Tesla safety accident ,NHTSA In a document :“ It has been confirmed , The vehicles involved were turned on at the time of the accident Autopilot Or traffic aware cruise control (Traffic Aware Cruise Control) function .” The agency said , The survey covered about 30 million people in the United States 76.5 Ten thousand Tesla cars .

Peerless comments :ADAS And advanced automatic driving are getting better and better , But obviously, there are still many pain points in the process of practical application , Such as relevant policies 、 standard-setting , Such as insurance , Such as publicity norms , Such as user education and so on .

Geely motor group 2025 The annual sales target is to reach 365 Thousands of cars

recently , geely Auto releases interim results , It also announced its future for the first time 5 Year plan —— to 2025 year , The market share ranks first among Chinese brands , Sales of 365 Thousands of cars ( Including krypton ), Among them, intelligent electric vehicles account for more than 30%.

To achieve this goal , Chairman of Geely Automobile Group 、 Krypton smart technology CEO、 An Conghui, executive director of Geely Automobile Holding Co., Ltd., said , Polar krypton in 2025 The year will carry 65 Sales target of 10000 vehicles , And the market share of high-end intelligent electric vehicles ranks among the top three in the world .

As a high-end intelligent electric brand born under the strategic guidance of Geely blue Action Plan II , The krypton brand was launched this year 4 Officially released in May , At present, its first model Polar krypton 001 It's been pre sold , The average price of large orders exceeds 33.5 Ten thousand yuan , Expected polar krypton 001 This year 10 Month delivery .

Peerless comments : to 2025 year 365 Sales target of 10000 vehicles , Lower than the competition for Great Wall Motors 400 Expected 10000 vehicles .

It is said that Xiaomi automobile headquarters and factory are basically settled in Beijing

8 month 16 Japan , There are media reports said , Xiaomi automobile headquarters and the first factory are basically determined to be located in Beijing , It is confirmed that the headquarters and factory are located in the city , It is an important node in the preparatory work for Xiaomi's car making . This message , At present, Xiaomi has not made an official reply .

actually , Xiaomi group has a deep foundation in Beijing , Its group headquarters is located in Xiaomi science and Technology Park, Haidian District, Beijing , The park covers an area of 22 Square meters , The investment amount is about 20 One hundred million yuan , Besides , Beijing Yizhuang also has a Xiaomi intelligent factory . This year, 7 month , Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi group, posted the recruitment information of autopilot related positions on the social platform , All work in Haidian District, Beijing .

And the latest news is , Xiaomi will officially announce the location of its auto headquarters and factory as soon as next week .

Peerless comments : About the location of Xiaomi car , Opinions vary on the Internet , Shanghai 、 Beijing 、 Wuhan and other places have high turnout , With the final results next week , It will be an important node in the preparatory work for Xiaomi's car making .

Ningde era settled in Shanghai

8 month 18 Japan , Ningde times signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Shanghai municipal government .

Ningde times signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Shanghai municipal government ; picture source : Shanghai

According to the agreement , The two sides will comprehensively deepen cooperation in the field of new energy , Promote the Ningde era ( Shanghai ) Innovation center and international functional headquarters 、 High end manufacturing base 、 Future Energy Research Institute and other related projects will be implemented , Tackling key technical problems and innovative application at the forefront of new energy 、 Electric transformation of urban transportation 、 Deepen cooperation and docking in fields such as high-end talent cultivation of new energy , Aim at the carbon peak 、 Carbon neutralization work objectives , For the digital transformation of Shanghai 、 Green development and soft power improvement inject new momentum .

Peerless comments : Ningde times manufacturing base landed in Shanghai , Or fundamentally change Shanghai's urban competitiveness in the field of power battery manufacturing .

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