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SABIC Netherlands factory is certified to provide new Lexan films and plates

2021-08-26 14:36:37 Netease automotive industry

( The original title :Sabic The Dutch factory won ISCC PLUS authentication Brand new products are available Lexan Films and plates )

According to foreign media reports , SABIC (Sabic) announce , It is located in Bergen, the Netherlands Functional Forms The factory has passed ISCC-PLUS authentication , Can be based on certified renewable raw materials , Provide a new series Lexan Film and sheet . International sustainable development and carbon certification (ISCC) It is an internationally recognized certification system for sustainable development of biomass and bioenergy .

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This is different from the company's existing Trucircle Chemical recovery solutions echo . With the gradual realization of circular development of plastic economy , It also helps to meet the growing global demand for sustainable materials .Sabic The product manager Bart Kiekens Express :“ We are pleased to be the first company in the industry to obtain such certification . This will help customers achieve sustainability goals .”

ISCC PLUS Certification and evaluation of the implementation of the material balance accounting system , The system follows predefined transparency rules , Track the flow of materials in a complex supply chain from raw materials to final products . These rules define whether products can be classified as renewable products or recycled products . about Sabic Come on , This means that in the production process , Every ton of renewable or recycled raw materials used , To replace fossil materials , About one ton of produced material can be classified as renewable or recycled raw materials . For applications made of these certified materials , Based on this mass balance method , OEMs can also document and quantify the sustainability of their applications .

Besides ,Sabic Life cycle analysis is also carried out (LCA), according to PAS 2050 Biochar accounting method in product carbon footprint specification , stay “ From the cradle to the door ”(cradle-to-gate) and “ From the cradle to the door ” Plus the end of life (cradle-to-gate plus end-of-life) Two levels , Compared with the traditional fossil based route , Evaluate the environmental performance of renewable routes . It turns out that , Per kilogram based on certified renewable raw materials Sabic Polycarbonate resin , It is expected to reduce by 35% Fossil consumption , And reduce the applied carbon footprint by up to 60%. Overall speaking ,Sabic Committed to mitigating the impact of its products on climate change .

Sabic Another product manager Alda Shabanaj Express :“ These bio based products are made of polycarbonate resin . These resins are partly derived from second-generation raw materials , There will be no direct competition with the food chain .”

Sabic The factory in Bergen , Based on certified renewable raw materials , Production innovation Lexan Polycarbonate film and sheet products . These products will be sold worldwide , It can meet the high demand applications in a large number of markets , Including electrical and electronic 、 automobile 、 The public Transportation and special glass windows, etc .

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