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Highlight of e week - Evergrande Xiaomi responded to the rumor of "negotiating electric vehicle shares"

2021-08-26 14:36:47 Netease automotive industry

( The original title :E Zhou Jiandian - Evergrande 、 Xiaomi responds “ Negotiate electric vehicle shares ” Hearsay , Avita technology under Chang'an is planning to go public )

This week, , What are the major events in the domestic new energy vehicle market ?

Evergrande 、 Xiaomi responds “ Negotiate electric vehicle shares ” Hearsay

8 month 19 Japan , Foreign media reported that , Evergrande group is discussing the sale of its electric vehicle department with Xiaomi and several investment companies with state-owned assets in Shenzhen 65% Shares of , The source said that the negotiations are still at an early stage , Other variables are not excluded .

The next day , Evergrande group and Xiaomi group responded to the above news . Evergrande group said , Evergrande automobile is in the process of introducing strategic shareholders , I had a preliminary communication with Xiaomi group , No in-depth negotiation and promotion . Xiaomi group responded that , Up to now, Xiaomi group has indeed contacted various car manufacturing teams for communication and negotiation , However, the group has not made any decision on cooperation intention . The group will no longer respond to market rumors , Please follow the official announcement .

Peerless comments : From the response , The two sides have discussed , But no cooperation . On the other hand , Xiaomi makes cars for , Lei Jun led a team to visit many traditional car companies , Finally, he bought Evergrande ? It's obviously unlikely that .

Avita technology of Chang'an automobile is planning to go public

8 month 20 Japan , Chongqing changan Avita Technology Co., Ltd ( Chongqing ) Ltd. is listed in Chongqing United equity exchange , It is proposed to introduce... Through capital and share increase through public listing 2~5 Strategic investors , The starting and ending date of project listing is 8 month 23 solstice 10 month 21 Japan .

picture source : The official website of Chongqing United equity exchange

To the above news , Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, said : Avita technology brings together Chang'an automobile 、 Huawei 、 Ningde era in automobile R & D and manufacturing 、 Advantages and capabilities in the field of communication and information technology and energy management ecology . The purpose of avita technology listing is to accelerate the marketization , Establish a link between avita technology and the capital market . Avita technology will operate independently , The future listing plan is under planning .

According to the plan , In the next five years , Avita technology will be based on CHN Architecture launch 5 models , among , code-named E11 Our model is based on a new generation of intelligent electric platform , Positioning medium SUV, Carrying HUAWEI HI Smart car solutions , at present E11 Our design prototype has been offline , Vehicle commissioning is in progress . At the end of this year , Avita technology will officially release its high-end intelligent electric vehicle brand .

Enterprise inspection display , Avita technology was formerly known as Chang'an Automobile and Wei to Chang'an Weilai Technology Co., Ltd , This year, 5 In June, it was renamed avita Technology . Shareholder information display , Changan Automobile holds avita technology 95.38% equity , Shanghai Wei Lai automobile holding 4.62%.

Peerless comments : Avita technology is another high-end brand for Chang'an , For Huawei , Another Huawei HI Models are coming out .

Zero run car completed 45 Billion element financing

8 month 18 Japan , Zero car Official announcement , It has completed a new round of financing , The total amount of financing is 45 One hundred million yuan , The financing is led by CICC capital , Citic built for 、 CITIC daika shares together . It is worth noting that , In this round of financing , The amount of state-owned investment in Hangzhou is 30 One hundred million yuan , It will work closely with Zero run around the new energy vehicle project .

According to the plan , Zero run car may be submitted in the second half of this year IPO apply , Due in 2021 Year-end or 2022 It was listed on the science and Innovation Board at the beginning of the year .

picture source : Zero car

Peerless comments : since this year on , The market performance of Zero run has moved forward steadily , Coupled with the heavy investment in state-owned assets in Hangzhou , Undoubtedly enhanced the confidence in the follow-up development of Zero run .

Xiaopeng automobile Zhaoqing base phase II project starts

8 month 18 Japan , Xiaopeng automobile Zhaoqing base phase II project was officially signed and started . It is reported that , Xiaopeng automobile Zhaoqing phase II project , With the financial and land support of Zhaoqing municipal government , Will expand production through capital increase 、 Improve quality and efficiency . After the project is completed , The design annual production capacity of Zhaoqing base will be from 10 Ten thousand cars were raised to 20 Thousands of cars .

picture source : Xiao peng car

“ Xiaopeng automobile Zhaoqing intelligent manufacturing base is from 2017 Construction at the end of ,2020 year 5 Put into production in . Only one or two hundred units were produced in the first month , By this month, the maximum daily production capacity will reach 500 platform -700 platform .” Co founder of Xiaopeng automobile 、 President Xia Heng said at the ceremony , In the process of Xiaopeng automobile's development , In order to meet the rapidly growing market demand , Xiaopeng transformed and upgraded the whole production base , At the same time, it will introduce many new 、 More competitive products .

Peerless comments : With the platform 、 Product matrix gradually formed , The market demand of new forces, including Xiao Peng, is growing rapidly , Capacity guarantee is the most basic condition .

GAC Honda will add 12 10000 production capacity

8 month 18 Japan , According to foreign media reports , Honda plans to strengthen the production and sales of new energy vehicles in the Chinese market . Through investment in the joint venture, about 30 One hundred million yuan , Increase the annual production capacity of GAC Honda 12 Thousands of cars , The new capacity will be 2024 year 2 Normal mass production after months .

It is reported that , GAC Honda has submitted its bid application to Guangzhou municipal government , New capacity will be added this year 10 Start construction in January , The construction area of the factory is about 18.6 Thousands of square meters , For pure electric 、 Production of plug-in hybrid and other models , The move is expected to increase Honda's annual production in China by about 10%, to 161 Thousands of cars .

picture source : Official website of Guangzhou public resources trading center

Peerless comments : Although GAC Honda still has a small market share in new energy vehicles , However, Honda's deployment of new energy capacity in China has reached 2025 Around the year .

Nezha car No 60000 The whole vehicle goes offline

8 month 21 Japan , In Zhejiang Tongxiang smart factory , Nezha car No 60000 The whole vehicle was officially offline . from 2018 year 7 The first mass production car in January went offline , To 2019 year 12 Of the month 10000 platform , It took Nezha more than a year to realize 0 To 10000 Breakthrough . from 2020 Year to 2021 year , The production and marketing scale of Nezha automobile has been steadily increasing , In the year to 5 The output was reached in January 40000 platform . And from 40000 Come to 60000 platform , Nezha's car only used 3 For a half month .

picture source : Nezha car

Nezha's breakthrough in car sales is due to its Which zha U Parameters picture ) Pro and Which zha V The power of the two cars . Official name , At present, Nezha U Pro There are more than ten thousand orders to be delivered , In short supply , Factory is 24 Full production scheduling per hour to meet the needs of users . Which zha V Since last year 11 Since its listing in January “ harvest ” Pattern , The sales volume is maintained every month 25% Growth of the above . In addition to these two models , Based on the new platform B Level intelligent electric car Nezha S It will be available at the end of next year .

Peerless comments : Nezha's momentum of becoming the first echelon is a little fierce , Did Zhou Hongyi smile ?

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