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Gaohe automobile cooperates with Dow to develop new seat materials

2021-08-26 14:36:58 Netease automotive industry

( The original title : Gaohe automobile cooperates with Dow to develop new seat materials , Gao He HiPhi X Will be the first to adopt )

recently , Chinese express and Dow jointly announced , The scientific achievements of innovative materials developed by both sides —— The world's first high-end vehicle approved for automotive interior decoration LUXSENSE Silicone leather has been mass produced , It will be the first to be applied to luxury intelligent electric vehicles “ Evolvable super run SUV Gao He HiPhi X Parameters picture )“ On .

In electrification 、 Intelligence is popular today , Most car companies focus on vehicle endurance 、 Smart cockpit 、 Automatic driving and other technical fields , Even the seat highlights its intelligence 、 Lightweight . that , this Gaohe automobile Why focus on seat fabric ? Besides , Compared with other fabrics , What's the difference between silicone leather ?

For why we are working with Dow to develop seat materials , Ding Lei, founder of Chinese express Gaohe automobile, said in an interview , Since its establishment , It has been exploring the application of global forward-looking technology in human travel , Committed to creating technology for users 、 luxury 、 Comfortable experience . all the time , Leather is recognized as luxury in seat fabrics 、 A symbol of class , However, its air permeability 、 Wear resistance and other aspects need to be improved . So , He and his team began to consider using environmentally friendly seats in future models three years ago 、 New fabric that is comfortable and more wear-resistant and dirt resistant , Then there is the development of materials in cooperation with Dow .

( caption : Ding Lei, founder of Chinese express Gaohe automobile, introduced the world's first silicone leather vehicle end application to the guests )

It is worth mentioning that , Three years ago, Gaohe automobile was a new company , And there is no mass production vehicle , It is not easy to persuade an industry giant to develop materials in a new field . however , Chinese express idea And pattern 、 Ding Lei's personal courage and perseverance to do a good job finally moved Dow executives .2018 year , Chinese express has reached strategic cooperation with Dow , Both parties start from upstream materials , Develop safety structures 、 Environmentally friendly interior 、 Joint research and development in multiple directions such as lightweight , Grasp the trend of cutting-edge science and Technology , More innovative environmental protection materials will be applied to new energy intelligent vehicles . That is said , The cooperation between the two sides includes but is not limited to seat materials .

( caption : Dow global CEO Jim · Fitrin ( Left )2019 year 1 In June, I made a special trip to China with Ding Lei, founder of Chinese express Gaohe automobile ( Right ) Discuss the future oriented application of materials science , Promote environmental protection and sustainable development .)

The data shows , Up to now , Chinese express and Dow jointly promote the research and development of innovative materials 12 Many items , Among them, those that have been implemented and applied are 8 term , Except silicone leather , It also includes the acoustic foam displayed at the third China Import fair last year. 、 new type TC Series of innovative achievements such as battery thermal conductive materials . among , Acoustic foam especially for high HiPhi X The feature design of the whole vehicle cavity shall be filled , It can block the sound cavity ,100% eliminate NVH Acoustic cavity resonance , Bring more luxurious texture and quiet and comfortable driving experience , Win wide praise from users ; new type TC The density of series battery thermal conductive materials is lower than that of conventional thermal conductive pads 20% about , At the same time, it meets the requirements of high thermal conductivity and lightweight , It is more in line with the stringent requirements of high-end new energy intelligent vehicles applied in complex environments , While ensuring good battery performance , Improve the fire and flame resistance of battery pack .

As for why we choose silicone as the research and development material , Dow technical experts summarize the following points :

First , Silicone used to be used in baby products , It has a unique skin touch , Delicate and soft , And refreshing, not greasy . More importantly , It has excellent air permeability , Especially in summer, sitting for a long time won't feel muggy .

secondly , The new material adopts liquid silicone rubber technology , No harmful solvents and plasticizers , Tasteless and nonvolatile , Low carbon, environmentally friendly and naturally flame retardant , low VOC It can meet people's higher and higher standards and requirements for air quality in the car .

Besides , In the process of R & D , New materials have experienced 50000 Wear resistance test , Its wear resistance has reached a new level . Besides , Compared with leather , Aging resistance of new materials , Fold resistance has also been greatly improved , At the same time, it is easy to clean .

Another thing is its luxurious look , Exquisite 、 grace Without losing the atmosphere .

Overall speaking , For the automotive field with extremely strict material requirements , The new silicone leather will undoubtedly bring more high-end products to users 、 A new choice for environmental protection , Let users enjoy “ comfortable 、 health 、 Luxurious ” Travel experience .

at present , The cooperation achievements of both sides have taken the lead in mass production and applied to Gaohe HiPhi X On , This high-end luxury intelligent electric vehicle was launched this year 5 In June, the national batch delivery was started according to the established plan , More than 1000 vehicles have been delivered in total , Users have spread all over the country 100 Multiple City . It is reported that , Gaohe automobile will 9 Officially open in June LUXSENSE️ Fabric selection of light color interior of silicone leather .

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