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After Wei Lai's "autopilot assistance", ideal and Xiao Peng played a "word game"

2021-08-26 14:47:22 Oriental Information automobile

Only a short while ago , Wei to 、 Ideal 、 In the new forces of car making of the three Xiaopeng families “ Independent big three ” Also close , But after the recent Weilai car accident , Careful Netizens found , Ideal car and Xiaopeng car official website , The description of the auxiliary driving system has been “ Quietly ” Be modified . Maybe it can be seen as on the cusp of the storm , Quickly draw a clear line with Wei Lai and protect yourself ? I'm afraid it's more than that .

The new forces of making cars are no longer high-profile this time , Wei Lai's friendly Army played quietly “ Word game ”

8 month 14 Friday night , Lin Wenqin, founder of meiyihao brand management company, drives Weilai ES8 He died in a car accident , His relatives and friends said that when Lin Wenqin had an accident, he opened Wei Lai ES8 Of “NIO Pilot autopilot ”, In addition, the previous high-level leaders of Weilai shared and showed off that they were free to drive while eating on Social Software , This has triggered public opinion that car companies deliberately confuse the difference between automatic and assisted driving , Over publicizing the attention and criticism of assisted driving .

In the face of the wave of friendly forces , Also put “ Autopilot ” As a highlight, the ideal car and Xiaopeng car played a smart and low-key role “ Word game ”—— After the event , It is found that both ideal car and Xiaopeng car have modified the description of auxiliary driving system on the official website . At present, the official website of ideal automobile calls the ideal automobile auxiliary driving system “ Ideal AD Assisted driving system ”, Before that, it was “ Ideal AD Advanced assisted driving system ”, Deleted “ senior ” Two words .

Xiaopeng changed the name of its auxiliary driving system . You can see from Xiaopeng's official website , Xiaopeng's description of the auxiliary driving system is “XPILOT 3.5 Intelligent assisted driving system ”, Previously “XPILOT 3.5 Automatic driving assistance system ”, Namely the “ Automatically ” Changed to “ intelligence ”.

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