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Tips for car maintenance - window glass

2021-08-26 14:47:30 Oriental Information automobile

For window glass , It's like the eyes of a car , Is an essential part of the car , Car glass determines our driving vision and the safety of the car . therefore , Today I'm here to tell you how to maintain the window glass correctly .

The first point , Rational use of glass water . There are many kinds of glass water on the market now , It can be divided into three types : Glass water in summer 、 Antifreeze glass water in winter and special antifreeze glass water . among , The main purpose of glass water in summer is to clean , For example, remove flying insects and other residues on the glass ; Antifreeze glass water in winter can not only clean , It can also prevent freezing 、 Absorb static electricity , It can ensure that the temperature is below zero 20℃ when , The relevant parts of the vehicle will not be frozen ; The special antifreeze glass water can ensure that the car is below zero 40℃ It still doesn't freeze when it's cold , Suitable for particularly cold areas in the North .

Second point , Film your car . This is mainly for summer , The role of applying film to windows in summer is multifaceted . On the one hand, the thermal insulation film can resist the high temperature of the outside sun , Play the role of heat insulation , On the other hand, it can prevent ultraviolet rays , And protect personal privacy . Now the better automobile thermal insulation film on the market is Meiji 、 Dragon membrane 、 Weigu 、3M etc. .

The third point , Glass insurance for your car . This refers to the risk of single breakage of glass , That is, the windshield and window glass of the insured vehicle ( Excluding lights 、 Mirror glass ) In case of damage , Compensation by the insurance company . Buy glass insurance for your car , It can effectively ensure the safety of glass , So you don't have to worry about the glass being broken , Car owners can also drive safely . Of course , Once there is a glass problem , It also saves a lot of maintenance costs .

The above is the three tips for car glass maintenance , If you need it, you can try .

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