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2020 Regal, 237 HP + 9at, lower fuel consumption, give up accord and wait for it

2021-08-26 15:15:57 Oriental Information automobile

The current automobile development pattern is changing rapidly , In terms of current trends , Recently launched SUV、 Cars are designed with sports as the theme . In this context , In the past, the design was mediocre B Class cars are also gradually changing their design style , Add the current popular design elements . Take this Regal that will be on the market GS Come on , The car changed the design route , Embarked on the road of movement , At the same time, add a sporty configuration , It also increases the product power . See this car coming , The riders said that they would give up the accord and wait for it .

In terms of appearance design , regal GS The design style of this car has changed significantly . The front part of the car , The car is replaced with a flat air inlet , After the interior is filled with honeycomb trim , Make the front look more exquisite . Because only low beam lamps are integrated in the headlamp 、 High and low beam integrated lamp 、 Marker lamp / Day light , These light sources are combined , Create a simpler effect for the front of the car . The key is that there are hundreds of inside the lamp chamber LED Lamp beads , Therefore, the lighting brightness has been significantly improved .

In terms of size , regal GS The length, width and height are 4913*1863*1461mm, The wheelbase 2829mm. In terms of body length , The new car has some changes compared with the models on sale , So the body looks more slender , add R18 Fit of inch blackened hub , Embellishment Brembo Calipers and horses Contact MC5 Series tire rear , It further emphasizes the sports effect of the car . The rear part , The car has also changed a lot . Tail row of symmetrical design , With the upturned duckling tail , Create a strong sports atmosphere for the rear of the new car .

interiors , The interior design of the new car has not been greatly adjusted , It basically maintains the design style of the previous generation . Although the car was born for sports , However, the color matching of the interior of the car is a little single , To some extent, it lacks the attraction to young people . however , The car has nice one-piece seats , From the support and wrapping of the seat, it is good , In addition, the car will upgrade the control system , Can support a variety of commonly used software , More practical .

On the power , New Regal GS Pick up the Econtec 2.0T The engine ,237 Horsepower and 350 Nm is the engine parameter , And 9AT Gearbox matching , Make this car meet the requirements of national six , In addition, the car has variable cylinder technology , Fuel consumption is lower than that of the previous generation 22%.

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