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Will the oil pump burn out when the oil volume alarm light is on?

2021-08-26 15:16:01 Oriental Information automobile

Actual case : Once I drove out on business , back and forth 700 km , I went around the city a few more times , So on the way home, the high-speed oil gauge alarm light is on , Next service area , In the front 10km, I thought, even if the alarm light is on , You can still reach . Leisurely drove to the service area , The road sign shows “ Transformation of gas station , Out of Service , Inconvenience , Please kindly understanding ”. I was flustered when I saw the notice , Where is the next service 35km outside . Then I drove into the lane next to the emergency Lane , Be ready to plunge into the emergency lane at any time .

All the way , All the way , Will the oil pump decrease because of the gasoline in the mailbox , Burn without sufficient cooling ? also 35km, Can you reach your destination , What if there is no oil at the destination ? Time goes by slowly , The end result is that the oil pump did not burn out , Smooth arrival at the next service area , And there is oil in the service area .

The focus of today's discussion is not when the fuel alarm light is on , How many kilometers can the car drive . This value can be directly said , The general theoretical mileage is 40-50 km .

Will the oil pump burn out

Today we will focus on , If the alarm light is on, will the oil pump burn . There were a lot of cars from the media V Have done experiments , Take out the oil pump , Simulate the working process , It is found that the oil pump is under the condition of insufficient oil , The motor can still be cooled . That's true , As shown in the figure , The motor is inside the lower casing of the oil pump , Gasoline is stored in the lower shell ( As shown by the yellow dotted line ), The oil pump motor can be cooled all the time . So even if the fuel alarm light is on , The oil pump motor will not burn out easily .

But I personally feel that , When there is too little oil , Although the oil pump motor can still get a small amount of gasoline , Cooling . But we know that the temperature must be transmitted to the atmosphere to be completely cooled , obviously , If there is too little oil , The motor temperature cannot be transmitted by gasoline , In this way, the motor cannot be cooled sufficiently . So it's been a long time , It is possible to burn out the oil pump motor . Such cases do exist in a small number , Therefore, I suggest you refuel on time , Don't always be warned to refuel , And don't worry about the deterioration of the oil , Because the pump oil is absorbed from the bottom of the mailbox . Replacement of old and new automotive engineers think for you . don 't worry .

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