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Come and see what the interior of taycan looks like

2021-08-26 15:16:05 Oriental Information automobile


Who makes electric cars can reassure car fans ,

First rule out Tesla ……

sportive ,

Although Tesla's finished product parameters themselves are great

( Regardless of workmanship ),

But let no one find the point of doubt

It must be Porsche .

In the early days of various Taycan After the appearance spy photos fly all over the sky ,

Now Porsche has finally released

Even mundumun's wrong question


No kidding , When we first saw these three interior views, we were a little surprised , But when he settled down, he decided that this was still the orthodox interior of Porsche , Just more sci-fi . The first thing that catches your eyes must be this all LCD independent instrument display , It has 17 Inch size , And after the car stalled, it was just a Black Sequin . It looks like the gadgets on the stove in a high-end kitchen …… In short, very temperament, very attractive .

Another place is different , When you start the car , Although it will display speed, horsepower output and vehicle status as usual ( I don't think I need it at all ), But they are no longer displayed as pointers , But complete Arabic numerals . Except for the speedometer in the center , Smaller side tables on both sides can selectively display some parameters , For example, entertainment 、 Maps, etc .

Taycan There are also some pleasing designs that are not black Technology , For example, the surface of the instrument panel has a special optical layer , Porsche claims that this layer is free from the use of a light shield . Of course , We have no actual driving experience , Just say what you say . The other is a long display under the front passenger's eyes , You can set up navigation on the side or find songs , Will not affect the driver's driving , And if it is detected that there are no passengers sitting in the passenger seat, it will automatically black the screen .

The operation feeling is also good , Although there are fewer buttons , But in order to prevent misoperation, the touch screen will have virtual keys to give you feedback , For example, there will be a slight vibration in the right place to remind you , If you are a little crooked, you will respond to the prompt and guide your finger to the correct position . If there is any anti human design ,Taycan It's hard to be perfect . The wind direction adjustment of air conditioning outlet is a wonderful design , You can't just break it with your hands like other cars , You have to go through a multi-level menu to operate …… It's breaking .

source : China Star circle

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