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The most people-friendly quality model in the joint venture SUV, with a new car listing of more than 10000, is not blown out

2021-08-26 15:16:10 Oriental Information automobile

Now , In the domestic automobile market ,SUV The popularity of the model is undoubtedly very obvious , Well, many consumers now prefer some domestic products with friendly prices SUV, But at the same time, some people still recognize the joint venture SUV Model quality . In fact, if the budget is not too much , Want to start a joint venture compact SUV It still needs great courage , After all, the price of a compact model is even close to 20 ten thousand , In fact, it also makes many people retreat , But a recently listed Jetta VS5 But it has achieved the coexistence of being close to the people and quality , And the monthly sales of this powerful new car immediately broke ten thousand , For many young people, this model is simply the best , So what is the reason behind the sales against the sky ?

jetta VS5 The selling price is 8.48 Wan to 11.28 ten thousand , After all, it's new , Therefore, there is no discount in terms of price , But this does not prevent the new car from hitting a high sales volume , jetta VS5 It was a miracle , The reason why this model has a huge young consumer group , Or the very avant-garde design . Jetta with a brand new logo VS5 It also has an exclusive family style , Especially the whole front face design is quite exquisite , And without losing the breath of exercise , The overall sense of strength is relatively strong , The combination of decorative strips and lamp sets adopted by the quite unique grille shows the youth SUV Fashion atmosphere . And this model can also show Jetta's different identity everywhere , Especially in the tail light Y Word shape and unique grille on the front face .

The overall interior space of this model is also quite suitable for some families now , As a compact SUV, Long 2630mm The wheelbase also occupies a favorable position among the models of the same class . Many people may think that this price friendly joint venture model does not perform very well in terms of interior style , However, fortunately, the overall layout and workmanship of this model do not show a strong sense of cheapness , The younger layout design is even better than many joint ventures of the same level .

Now, most young people put forward higher requirements for a compact TV , Among them, performance is the content that most consumers can't ignore , And Jetta VS5 On board 1.4T The engine can burst 150 The power of horse . And this golden power is very useful for many young families , After all, it has good power performance , meanwhile 1.4T The engine is also more economical and fuel-efficient . From the outstanding performance of these aspects , jetta VS5 It's not unreasonable to have such sales .

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