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How to turn the steering wheel for each item in subject 2? It's so easy to operate!

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Many key points of subject 2 are reflected in the adjustment direction , So , If we master the method of adjusting the steering wheel , Will it be easy to pass subject 2 ?

The way the steering wheel is played


Right angle turning and side parking

The direction should be advanced , Get ready to turn the steering wheel in advance after you see the point , The real operation can also be a little ahead of time , Leave enough time to adjust .


Ramp stop and start

The key to turning the steering wheel before going uphill is to be as close to the sideline as possible , If you go uphill and then adjust, it will be more difficult , So start adjusting before going uphill .

When on a slope , You can fine tune the direction through the inside and outside rearview mirrors . Don't adjust the steering wheel greatly on the slope , It's easy to fail !


Back into the Treasury

The omnipotent point is that the wheel is far from the sideline of which side, and it will turn the direction to which side , This can not only adjust the body , It can also prevent crimping !

When returning to the direction, you should also return in advance , You can't wait until the car body is straightened , This will cause the body to tilt again .


Curve driving

Curve driving seems to require the most steering wheel , But it's actually the simplest , Grasp the direction in time , Where to turn, leave more space for this direction , This will avoid rolling the line .

Pay attention to me , Help you pass the exam quickly ~

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