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Adhere to the feelings of the people and show political responsibility

2021-08-26 15:17:37 Red Net

Red net time Yueyang Tower District 8 month 23 - ( The reporter Liu Qi )8 month 21 Japan , Member of the Standing Committee of Yueyanglou District Committee of Yueyang City 、 Li Pingping, Secretary of the political and legal committee, dispatched the petition work , Scheduling the current prominent petition problems .

Li Ping's work on the district petition Bureau , Especially the whole country “ The two sessions ”、 found a party 100 The work of maintaining stability through annual letters and visits was highly affirmed . His request , We should take more initiative to control the overall situation of letters and visits , Be more loyal, play a more prominent role and focus on work , More concentrated efforts to resolve accumulated cases , Be more considerate of the people and strengthen the handling . Strictly implement “ Three in place and one treatment ” The job requirements of , Strengthen departmental linkage 、 Compaction responsibilities 、 Keep the bottom line , Give full play to the role of a bridge linking the masses , The role of serving the masses as a forward position , An important channel for relieving the people's hardship , Better solve problems for the people 、 Share the party's worries .

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