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Watching movies at the weekend - endless battles between good and evil, "anti Mafia storm" burst into a red circle

2021-08-26 15:17:51 Red Net

premiere 10 Daily playback volume broken 10 Billion !

lately , A film shot in Changsha Main melody TV series 《 Black storm 》 The fire went out of circle .

The play is based on the national special struggle against underworld and evil , Based on real cases “ hardcore ” Drama, , It also made more viewers understand the necessity of the special struggle against triads and evil forces and the hardships of the process .

2018 year 1 month , The central committee of the communist party of China 、 Issued by the State Council 《 Notice on launching a special campaign to fight against crime 》, It is required to carry out a three-year special struggle against underworld and evil throughout the country , Severely crack down on the black and evil forces , To protect the safety of people's lives and property and social stability .

This year, 3 month 29 Japan , The national conference to summarize and commend the special struggle against underworld and evil was held in Beijing . For three years , Special struggle, strike hard , Severely punish the black and evil forces according to law , Dig deep and thoroughly to investigate triad, evil and corruption , We will concentrate on rectifying the chaos in social order and in the industry , Respond to people's expectations 、 Consolidate the foundation of governance 、 Maintain social stability 、 Demonstrate the authority of the rule of law .

All over the country, the Mafia organizations 3644 individual , Criminal groups involved in evil 11675 individual ; Arrest of criminal suspect 23.7 ten thousand people , Arrest the target fugitive 5768 people ,43144 Six criminals who are involved in criminal activities commit suicide .

Amazing scale ! Show the contest between good and evil

《 Black storm 》 By the propaganda and Education Bureau of the central political and Legal Commission 、 Information Center for comprehensive administration of politics and law 、 Guidance of the political and Legal Committee of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee , It truly and vividly reflects the special struggle against underworld and evil , The contest between justice and evil , And the central government's determination to eliminate evil .

The case shown in the plot , It was carefully selected by the central political and Legal Commission , The sun Xiaoguo case 、 The case of Hainan huanghong is a very typical case that has aroused heated discussion in the society . The show not only integrates these cases , Also joined the “ Net loan trap ” And a series of social problems , The scale is rare in domestic dramas in recent years .

《 Black storm 》 It shows a heavy style from the beginning , There are many suspense 、 The reversal is constant , It's enough for the audience , It makes people deeply feel the difficulties and complexities faced by the special struggle against underworld and evil .

In the plot , Ma Shuai, the prisoner in the detention center , Smoking a cigar , Eating sashimi , It's like taking a vacation in a detention house .

At this time, Li Chengyang, his legal adviser, was on one side “ Wait on ” Ma Shuai enjoys delicious food , While reading aloud :“ So , Black and evil , It has never been an empty word .”

This ironic contrast , More realistic .《 Black storm 》 This is a cocoon , Show the darkness of reality in front of the audience .

The real big case behind it , More shocking

《 Black storm 》 In the plot , There is an evil underworld leader , His name is Sun Xing . His real name is Goh , Killed someone fourteen years ago , But successfully escaped punishment through cosmetic surgery and under the umbrella of the political and legal department , The pseudonym Sun Xing continues to commit crimes in lvteng city .

Many netizens see “ Gnash the teeth in anger ”, Express “ I want to rush into the screen and beat Sun Xing ”. And the role of Sun Xing , His realistic prototype is the infamous sun Xiaoguo . The numerous crimes committed by sun Xiaoguo are far more heinous than those shown in TV dramas .

Sun Xiaoguo was once the leader of the local black and evil forces in Kunming , Several times, they violated several young women with extremely cruel means 、 Beatings and insults , There are even young girls under the age of 14 . Only in 1997 year 8 months , Sun Xiaoguo and his gang have at least 8 Commit a crime .

1998 year , Sun Xiaoguo is guilty of rape 、 The crime of forced insult to women 、 Crime of intentional injury 、 The crime of provoking a quarrel , Be sentenced to death for several crimes . But the death penalty was not approved in the second instance , So it was changed to death with a reprieve , Finally, through the operation of their parents , Successfully commuted a suspended death sentence to fixed-term imprisonment 20 year .

While he was serving his sentence , His parents also applied for commutation by means of applying for intellectual property patents . from 1997 year 11 In June, sun Xiaoguo was criminally detained , to 2010 year 4 Month out , Sun Xiaoguo actually served only 13 year .

After discharge , Sun Xiaoguo assumed the pseudonym of Li Linchen and became the boss of the underworld again , until 2019 In, the central anti triad and anti evil steering group stationed in Yunnan , Just really destroyed the underworld gangs led by sun Xiaoguo and the umbrella behind them , And in 2020 Sun Xiaoguo was executed in .

2020 year 1 month 15 Japan ,“ Sun Xiaoguo case ” I've been selected “2019 Top ten legal supervision cases of the year ”.

Black and evil , Hunan has achieved remarkable results

《 Black storm 》 Most of the scenes were shot in Changsha , Changsha IFS、 Hunan Martyrs Park 、 Hunan Hotel 、 Chaozong street, Changsha 、 Hunan Provincial People's hospital 、 Wangcheng district police station appeared in the play , Let the audience in Hunan have a sense of intimacy . Among them, the Liu family's big house in taoshuwan, Jingang town, Liuyang City has also become a part of the play “ Important actors ”. This year, 1 month ,《 Black storm 》 It's killing here .

Hunan Hotel .

The two characters in the play communicate at night in Hunan Martyrs Park .

Jinmao twin towers of Meixi Lake in Changsha .

Although TV plays have undergone artistic processing , But art comes from reality , For more than three years , Hunan has also achieved remarkable results in eliminating underworld and evil .

By 2020 year 11 End of month , Hunan's Communist Party smashed triad related organizations according to law 160 individual 、 Criminal groups and gangs involved in evil 1472 individual , Crack down on criminal cases 12135 Pieces of , Capture all kinds of guns 269 the , Prosecute criminal cases involving triads and evil 2483 Pieces of 12822 people , First instance verdict 2202 Pieces of 10607 people 、 Judgment of the second instance 1151 Pieces of 7426 people .

from “ Special struggle ” To “ Normal development ”, Hunan dares to light its sword 、 Unity is strength 、 For a long time , Sweep away the underworld and evil, sweep out the bright future 、 Yingying Zhengqi , The people's sense of security is more substantial 、 More secure 、 More sustainable , The political ecology of the whole province 、 Social ecology 、 The economy and ecology continue to improve .

Just as an Jian, chairman of the central political and Legal Commission, said —— TV dramas never represent the end of the special action , It marks the beginning of the normalization of the fight against underworld and evil .

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