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Work hard and skillfully to open a new model of epidemic prevention and control

2021-08-26 15:17:54 Red Net

Baojing County branch of Red Net 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Wang Zerong ) Epidemic prevention and control period , Magpie Creek Community of Baojing County, according to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control , Take a home touch row 、 The horn shouted 、 Paste slogans 、 Hanging banners 、 The masses report 、 Come to the community office to check the health code and travel code and register . According to the latest requirements for epidemic prevention and control in the county , Turn on the new working mode , For those who come to the community to do business , The staff at the card point shall “ One measurement and four tests ” Take your temperature 、 Check the health code 、 Check the travel code 、 Vaccination and nucleic acid testing , For health code 、 The journey code is green, and the people vaccinated with the new crown vaccine will issue the certificate of conformity , Those who do not receive the new crown vaccine without special reasons and hospital certificates will not be issued with certificates , Without certificate , Community workers are not allowed to handle business , Publicize and mobilize the masses who have not done nucleic acid testing , It is suggested that the masses to ensure their own health and social safety , Active nucleic acid detection . Implement the Yellow code personnel immediately “ Four guarantees and one ”, Specially assigned personnel shall escort to the designated hospital for nucleic acid detection , Require them to be isolated at home , Community workers monitor body temperature every day 、 Changes in health code and travel code . As long as the cadres and the masses have one heart , Hard work and skillful work , The war of prevention and control of epidemic situation is bound to win .

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