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We are not tired when cadres and masses join hands

2021-08-26 15:17:58 Red Net

Baojing County branch of Red Net 8 month 23 - ( correspondent He Zhihang ) To ensure the clearance of community vaccination “ leave no household 、 leave no one behind ”, We will implement vaccination for the permanent population ,8 month 7 Since then , Weizhu Road community task force in Qianling town 、 Community cadres and community workers work day and night 、 Regardless of the weather 、 Whether far or near, carry out door-to-door full coverage clearing within the jurisdiction , The vaccination situation of residents in the area under jurisdiction shall be analyzed “ carpet ” screening .

Weizhu Road community staff come to the house day and night to check the vaccination situation

Weizhu Road community staff checked the vaccination situation of residents in the community under their jurisdiction at night

“ Boil water quickly , Everyone quickly solved the dinner problem , Enter the group immediately after eating .” Because most farmers have to go out to work during the day 、 Farming , Every night 6 Point to 10 Point is the best time to enter the house , In order not to delay time , After checking the city in the afternoon, the community staff took instant noodles as dinner , At night, residents' groups entering the suburbs carry out investigation work .“ Did anyone come to the house ? We are from the community , Make a registration of HA vaccine injection in your house !” Community cadres are lighting with mobile phones , One foot deep and one foot shallow , Knock on Farmers' doors door to door for vaccination registration .

meanwhile , Considering the elderly in the remote population group 、 The lonely and widowed old people are inconvenient to move , Weizhu Road community arranges vehicles to transport to the vaccination site for vaccination .

The epidemic continues , Cadres should not slacken their efforts , Weizhulu community cadres are not afraid of hardship 、 Not afraid of fatigue , In terms of epidemic prevention and control , Serve the people 、 Guard the people , Resolutely do not give reasons 、 No price 、 No discount , Safeguard people's life, health and safety . Use thousands of times “ Knock at the door ” In exchange for thousands of sounds “ thank you ”, Appease and guide the masses to vaccinate , Tell everyone to protect themselves , Make every effort to build a solid foundation for the masses “ Protective wall ”.

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