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Shuangfeng: "five carriages" go hand in hand and run out of the "new speed" of project requisition and relocation

2021-08-26 15:22:16 Red Net

The picture shows the South Ring Road of the county and the town with agricultural machinery characteristics under construction .

In order to speed up the construction of Yongfeng agricultural machinery characteristic town in Shuangfeng County , Smooth external circulation , Shuangfeng County Party committee and county government decided to open the section from the agricultural machinery characteristic town of the South Ring Road to Wanyi . since 2021 year 7 month 28 Since the Japanese county government issued the assigned task , Yongfeng Street innovative thinking 、 Targeted force 、 Concentrate on tackling tough problems , use “ Gather consensus 、 Seek the overall situation 、 Overcome difficulties 、 Ming situation 、 Improve quality and efficiency ”“ Five carriages ” drive , In a short span of 5 Within days, all six enterprises of the south ring line will sign relocation agreements , Make a room 23000 More than square meters , Ran out of the county, involving the largest land area in a single time 、 The most difficult 、 The most time tight land acquisition and relocation project “ Yongfeng new speed ”, advance 2 Complete the objectives and tasks assigned by the county in days .

Unity of thought and consensus . Hold a good meeting for the members of the headquarters and the streets 、 Donghua community cadre meeting , Highly unified thinking 、 Enhance consensus , Provide a strong ideological foundation and inexhaustible spiritual power for the project . Earnestly hold a symposium for relocated business owners , The street 、 Urban and rural investment 、 The main person in charge of the headquarters listened to the opinions and suggestions of the representatives of the business owners on the relocation of the plant many times , Organize business owners to learn relevant demolition policies , Explain to them the benefits of cooperating with the demolition and the disadvantages of not cooperating with the demolition , Well done “ Economic account ”“ Long term account ”, Let them see the situation 、 Grasp the trend 、 Conform to the general trend , Unify the idea of relocation .

High level overall planning . Flexible use of policies , The main members of the project headquarters have held many discussions on the opinions and suggestions on land acquisition and demolition put forward by the enterprise owner , Find the right countermeasures , By reducing the proportion of compensation for operational losses , The sum of the main decoration and accessories of the plant 60% Reduce by half to compensate 30%, Leave some room within the policy standards . Give full play to the role of reward, incentive and guidance , Use most of the funds in reducing the proportion of compensation for operating losses as incentives , Yes, sign the agreement on time 、 Move on time 、 Enterprises that relocate in advance will be rewarded respectively 10%、10% and 5%.

Maintain high pressure . Do ideological work and breaking down violations and filing cases simultaneously , If it does not cooperate, it will be treated as illegal construction , No compensation whatsoever , Form a high-pressure situation . In view of the characteristics that six enterprises lease collective land illegally , By pursuing responsibility, the village residents are forced to take the initiative to do a good job in the ideological work of business owners , Actively cooperate with relocation .

To overcome difficulties . Efficient operation of project headquarters , Shoulder the responsibility , Encounter the problems raised by the relocated business owners , Organize relevant departments and units to discuss and solve problems at the first time ; Set up a special working class , Carry out wall chart operations , The specific tasks of each critical stage 、 Complete the time limit layer by layer decomposition , Responsibility for compaction . Strengthen the territorial responsibility of village residents , Sign a contract with the two committees of Donghua community “ Military order ”, Implement the time reversal mechanism , Give full play to the role of Battle Fortress , Special team leaders take the lead in tackling tough problems on the front line , Push “5+2”“ White and black ” The implementation of detailed work has become the norm .

Department linkage to improve quality and efficiency . County Natural Resources Law Enforcement Bureau 、 Requisition and demolition offices and street village cadres 、 Owners and other units fight side by side , Around work objects and goals , use “ Embroidery ” Prajna Kung Fu ,“ Warmth ” Working method , Quickly find out the land nature of all relocated objects 、 Business status 、 House ownership 、 Practical difficulties and reasonable demands , Number the plant , Detailed registration of plant conditions , Make sure that the number of relocation work is clear 、 The situation is clear , Put forward scientific and reasonable 、 A fair and informative solution , Protect the interests of the operator to the greatest extent , Win the understanding of the majority of business owners 、 Trust and support .

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